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Re: New Computer Build

Oh yeah?
You get no say to tell him he gets no say whatsoever on what is
So there.

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You get no say what so ever on what is 'wrong'

CBFalconer <cbfalconer> wrote:
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Re: New Computer Build

Or he's never given a flying red fuck about what prats like you demand.

There is no such animal as 'normal usenet usage'

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Re: New Computer Build


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Are you claiming to be ignorant?

Re: New Computer Build

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Nope, just rubbing your nose in that fact, stupid.

Re: New Computer Build

Fred wrote:
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how does the trolling go, demented nitwit??

Re: New Computer Build

Jack Bruss wrote:
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Just some rough pricing.

For a processor, you can select a Celeron D if you want, as those
can be had for as little as $55. The processor I selected here is
a Pentium 4, with Hyperthreading, which will make the desktop
a little smoother. You could also go for an AMD processor, and
save a few bucks by using a Venice 3200+ S939 for $66.99, but
then you don't have Hyperthreading (two virtual processors in
one physical processor). My P4 system is just a little smoother,
compared to an equally powerful AMD system. 3GHz is a good
target for a "no complaints" user experience.

Pentium 4 531 Prescott 3.0GHz 1MB L2 Cache LGA 775   $80

Motherboard with built-in graphics and a video slot, for future
PCI Express video card. Takes DDR2 memory.

ASUS P5L-MX Socket T (LGA 775) Intel 945G Micro ATX $76

For memory, 512MB (2x256MB DDR2 memory) would be the minimum.
With integrated graphics, using dual channel memory mode would
be best. If a video card upgrade was used, then the pressure is
off, and a one or a two stick configuration could be used.
A single stick would leave room for a future upgrade. I'll
assume integrated graphics usage for now.

CORSAIR ValueSelect 512MB (2 x 256MB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM
DDR2 533 (PC2 4200) Dual Channel Kit  $56

COOLER MASTER RC-330-KKN1-GP Black SECC ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
$29.99 after rebate. The one 120mm fan in back is good enough.

FSP Group (Fortron Source) ATX350-PA, version 2.0, SATA, 350W PSU $30
+3.3V @ 22A, +5V @ 21A, +12V1 @ 18A, +12V2 @ 16A, -12V @ 0.3A, +5VSB @ 2A

Some CD/DVD burner (too lazy to pick one) $30
See for reviews of burners.

Seagate 7200.9 80GB disk drive SATA interface $45

Price so far:
80 + 76 + 56 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 45 = $347

Still needs mouse and OS to install. If you are trying to reuse
a copy of Win98, then that may "steer" the hardware sslection
approach. I haven't factored OS selection into the motherboard
selection above. I'd have to "squeeze the fat" out of the
motherboard/cpu choice, to make room for the purchase of
an $80-$90 OS.

I think you can come up with something to build.
Just buying a beige box at Walmart wouldn't be as much fun for you :-)

There are also much cheaper motherboard/CPU/memory bundles you can
get at places like Tigerdirect. I selected the above components
as a compromise - hoping for less chance of a dead computer after


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Re: New Computer Build

Jack Bruss wrote:
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With that price, you'd have to salvage a lot of parts.

 And at 8 years old, the list is short.

 Case, Kinda depends, You'll have to look.

 sound card, if PCI
 Ethernet card if PCI.
 Optical drives, yes, but they're aging

  Hard drive (aging, and the new standard is SATA, not IDE)
  RAM, now DDR, not pc 100/133.
  Power supply
  Video card (new standard is PCIe, not AGP)

At that price you're better off buying a budget PC. But avoid the
emachines. They're a false economy, as they don't live that long.

Another way to obtain a newer PC at that price is secondhand, check
EBAY, some pretty powerful systems can be had at that price. Just pay
attention to what you're buying.

Dell, and some of the other manufacturers sell refurbished PCs, and
scratch and dent new ones at a good price, too. So check that out.

Re: New Computer Build

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Since your father-in-law needs a low performance system, there's no point in
building one. Plus, you haven't kept up with technology. Just buy one. For
$300, I'd buy a Dell on Ebay.

Re: New Computer Build

Jack Bruss wrote:
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Hi Jack,
I don't know if you've selected your system yet (this was posted about 5
days ago) but 300-400 is plenty reasonable for the system that you want.
I just spent $495 at; everything but a new monitor, and my
new system is fast, efficient, and looks great, too.  I got an AMD
socket 754 Sempron chip, a Biostar mobo with onboard video and sound,
case with built-in 450-W ps, 1G DDR memory, Samsung CD/DVDdrive/burner,
SATA Seagate 250G hdd. I already had a floppy drive (I still have lots
of doc's and lists of engineering tables on floppy discs so I need one),
had a few ethernet cards so used one of those, and I got a new USB2 hub
to replace my USB1 hub. The case has 2 usb rear and 2 usb front ports,
and a firewire port in the front as well. Got an IR mouse and new
keyboard, oh yeah, and some logitech speakers w/a subwoofer that for the
price kicks butt (I don't listen to it too loud, but I like the quality
better than the standard desktop cheap speakers).  I use this system for
3D modeling, work, email, analysis (matlab/mathematica, statistics,
etc), photos, watching movies, very little gaming and no
processor-intensive games.  Right now this system would probably cost
more, a few of my components were on sale, but you can do REALLY well at
newegg. It was also the first one i built completely by myself, and it
was way simple, everything fit, worked great first time.
newegg is definitely the way to go.

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