New Chipset??

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Which intel chipset is newer?



Is one better than the other or basically the same under a different case?

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Re: New Chipset??

Crow T Robot wrote:
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P55 was introduced after the other one (P6T uses X58).

If you compare the architectures, the top one here (LGA1366 Core i7) is
conventional, with a Northbridge and a Southbridge. The lower diagram
for LGA1156 shows there is no Northbridge - it is contained entirely inside
the processor. (Scroll down the page, about half way.)

One should be cheaper than the other to make, as you can see the
corners cut on the second diagram. The processor socket is designed
a bit different as well. A warning about LGA1156 sockets is here.

You'll need some kind of clever head-to-head comparison article
to see how much practical difference any of this makes. Such
an article would compare the processors when the core clocks run
at the same speed.

As far as a chipset comparison goes then, you'd be comparing the
ICH10R Southbridge of the LGA1366 system, versus the P55 "Southbridge"
of the LGA1156 system. Both are fed by a 2GB/sec DMI interface.
There will be some minor differences in counts of interfaces
and the like.


Re: New Chipset??

On Tue, 1 Dec 2009 23:20:49 -0500, "Crow T Robot"

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P55 is the best one, exactly I suggest Asus P7P55D Motherboard as the
best board. It is a real popular board and the price is very good as
well in all the online retailers.

Just search for the board and compare the prices, there are many
comparison websites and search engines for hardware products on the
web, one is good as another.


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