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I just installed a new TruePowerTP3-650 PSU in my Gateway GT5032 .And
all it will do is the power button will flash when it is held down  

Re: New Antec True Power

Did it work with the other supply or was that dead, if it worked even
of a fashion 'lopping' it in will prove a point.

Make sure you haven't caught any links or switches that set's the
clocking speed.... also check the power connector soldered joints on
the mobo they can become intermittent.

Another alternative is to check the power unit itself some where else
it could be 'Sods law' has struck and you've a faulty PSU (Power
Supply Unit).


Re: New Antec True Power

Eddie B wrote:
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Does the current power supply have a -5V wire on it ? You'll likely find
a blank pin in the main connector of the new supply, where the -5V no
longer exists. Motherboards really should not be using -5V, but if the
old supply had a pin where the -5V should be, it may have a
dependency. Odds are low that this is the problem. But it does
happen occasionally.

The real supply wiring is documented here. Internally, it is a single
rail supply, with one massive current limit for the whole output.
Of all the review sites I visited, this is the only one that gave
any useful tech info. The rest of the reviews were just crap.
So this review eliminated a lot of potential problems I could
have been listing.

Another possibility, is it is "Antec NeoHE disease". That is
alluded to here. Note that "AntecRep" is a "master of spin" and
the real reason for problems is hinted at further down, by
other forum members. Something to do with placing a minimum load
on the unit. And since the 650W is such a monster, it might have
a minimum current draw requirement as well.

Actually, if you check the label on the supply, there is a
minimum load spec. It is listed as "1 amp" on each of the
three rails. Since the supply uses one rail internally, that
translates to a minimum load of 3 amps on 12V. Which would be
the spinup current of two disk drives, or the idle current of
six disk drives, if there were no other loads on the supply.

A better choice in a supply, would be something with zero
minimum current requirement. But not all supplies are honest
about that, and don't list a minimum, even if one exists.
The CPU load, while it might be enough to make the supply happy,
does not start drawing immediately at power up.

So about the only other thing I could suggest, is just plugging
a couple hard drives to the molex drive connectors, so the drives
spin and draw power. You don't have to connect the data cable
to the drives to use them as a dummy load. Or add some fans to
the fan headers. Something like that...


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