Network Adaptor Card versus USB Network Adaptor

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Is the Card faster than the USB adaptor?  I know the card is cheaper,
probably because installation is a little trickier, but what about



Re: Network Adaptor Card versus USB Network Adaptor

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If you are talking about a wireless card, then performance won't matter
between internal PCI card and USB 'dongle' - both interfaces are way faster
than any wireless device (assuming USB2). I have an internal PCI card, but
actually prefer USB as you can move it between machines and you can put it
on the end of a USB extension cable, so the reception is not obstructed by
the metal case on the PC.

If you are talking about a wired network adaptor, then I haven't seen and
USB ones, so can't comment.

Re: Network Adaptor Card versus USB Network Adaptor

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For wired cards it also makes no speed difference. The USB one are somewhat
delicate and can be easily damaged, but they are more convenient to install.

Re: Network Adaptor Card versus USB Network Adaptor

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The card is cheaper mainly because USB is considered a
"novelty".  The difference in cost to make it is negligable,
but then there's also that they sell in lower volme because
most OEMs and businesses want the PCI type - if not for more
recent motherboards where it is embedded.  This is assuming
wired type instead of wireless.

If your motherboard only has USB1.1, the USB adapter will be
slower, significalty so for filesharing on a lan, though the
*average* US internet service will still be just under the
peak such an adapter can provide, and the realized
throughput typical of such a service (due to remote system
or internet pipe congestion in general) will be even further
lower than USB1.1 can provide.

With USB2 it depends on whether your adapter is USB1 or 2,
most anything newer generation is USB2 but there are some
old parts out there somewhere... and if your USB2 port-pair
has another USB device plugged in you may have some latency
from the bandwidth sharing of the two USB devices if used

In general a PCI card is a little faster, lower latency and
also a little lower system overhead by avoiding USB.  As
mentioned above, general internet or email usage wouldn't
make much difference, you'd have to have significant data
moving to see a difference and even then it might take a
benchmark to reveal it much.

As for wireless adapters, the other issue is where the
antenna is and what quality it is.  With a typical USB
adapter the antenna is just a small trace on the interal
circuit board, which is inferior to the type on a PCI card,
but being USB, it can be positioned better on a USB
extension cable without the losses associated with putting a
PCI card's antenna on an extension cable.  So some people
may get better wifi speed with a PC card and others with
USB, depending on their environment as well as depending on
the particular product chosen.

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