Netgear SC101 broken mirror

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ANy idea how to repair a broken mirror? The SC101 SCM software detects
the broken mirror, allows me to select it but then doesnt present an
"Ok" or "Next" or "Fix" button (I just have "Back and "Cancel")!

Ive contacted Netgear tech support but the response is unintellgible,
the engineer's first language clearly isnt English.

Config is as follows:
NAS 1 has 4 partitions, each mirrored. Mirroring on one of these
partitions is broken
NAS 2 has 1 partition, mirrored
Both are running the latest firmware 4.23.0
I connect a single PC through a Netgear DG834GT wireless router (the
PC is wired, not wireless)
The PC is running the lastest SC101 SCM software 3.0.6, under Vista
Home Premium 32-bit

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.


Re: Netgear SC101 broken mirror

On Sun, 11 Nov 2007 05:46:22 -0800, M

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It might help if we had more info.  You observe a broken
mirror but is this after you have identified a failed drive
and replaced it?  If not, is the SC101 supposed to wait for
user intervention to rebuild an array?  If it was supposed
to rebuild and has not, and if you have not replaced the
drive yet, you should pull the drive and test it in another
system... of course the other system would mean a windows
box which may not read the filesystem used by SC101 (?) but
being a windows system it can run the hard drive
manfacturer's diagnostics (available from respective HDD
manufacturer website).

If you have replaced the drive, is it compatible with the
SC101?  I saw an odd note on one of Netgear's webpages that
only ATA6 drives are supported, "No ATA5 drives work - or
any earlier ones", but then in the "confirmed working" list
they have ATA5 drives like the Seagates.,6,11&

You write that both run the latest firmware, is it possible
there is a problem with this firmware?  You might try
connecting to them with another non-Vista system or another

Have you checked all things on their "... cannot create a
mirror" page?

Have you checked the revised troubleshooting guide,
installation guide, and manual?

Re: Netgear SC101 broken mirror

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Hi Kony, thanks.

1. The drive is fine. There are four partitions on the same drive. All
but three are mirroring.
2. I havent replaced the drive, it's fine (and yes, as you point out
Windows would not read it)
3. Yes, the SC101 waits for intervention. The software management
utility has a function to detect a broken mirror (all good so far). It
correctly detects the broken mirror, allows me to select the
corresponding partition to repair it.... but doesnt let me repair it.
Im pretty sure the software developers haven't written this function
yet. Sounds crazy I know but Ive had this device for a year now and
the quality of the software has been unbelievably bad. This current
release (designed for Vista) is the VERY FIRST which has proven

I'll have a look at the Negear site, but treat the information there
with extreme caution. I have so far resolved all of the previous
problems with this device on my own.

Re: Netgear SC101 broken mirror

M wrote:
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You probably don't have much to complain about -- if you got that piece
of junk to work with their buggy software for any period of time you
have already performed a miracle. Maybe you are counting on one more
miracle in trying to communicate with them?

I didn't get more than a few days of semi-usable operation with mine and
had their software totally corrupt two computers to the point where I
had to completely reinstall their operating systems -- the only two
instances in over a decade. I never got any useful help from their
"support" and began to think that they had some sort of pseudo-random
gibberish computer program generating their documentation.

Perhaps the time has come to invest in a _real_ NAS that doesn't demand
proprietary software? I finally gave in and built a simple file server
(using two drives I had installed in the SC101) along with two more
using an old MB, an outdated W2K OS, and other junkbox parts. Works
amazingly well and requires little to no attention in its little closet
in the basement. But unlike the SC101 it doesn't get hot enough to use
as a toaster oven...

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

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