Netgear MR814 timeout

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I last week bought the Netgear MR814 router. After fiddling around with
the install wizard a couple times, each time failing with an error at the
end, I entered the info in myself. 3 minutes and all is good. Thats not
the reason for this post but just another lesson learned to avoid install
wizards whenever possible... I really should have known better :P

But onto the post... this router works quite well for what I need it for
(except for the lack of outgoing firewall protection... so Im keeping
Kerio) but a couple times of inactivity the connection between the
computer and the router drops. It could only be restarted by unplugging
it. The internet connection itself to the modem is still fine. There is
nothing in the settings about an idle time that is available. There is
one but is only there when a logon is required.... controlling when the
router logs out.

This is not a Netgear forum but thought I would ask :o)

Oh... Im trying static IP assignment instead of DHCP to see if that makes
a difference. But... wouldnt that mean that wireless would also have to
have a specific address, both in the router and the laptop or PC?

Cheers :o)

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