NetGear DG834G V4 and laser printer: plz help!

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Hi everyone.
I have the above router, which is attached to an old desktop with a
cable, and wirelessly to my laptop.
Now, I'd like to print wirelessly, and was thinking to buy a wireless
laser printer as the new Samsung 4623 FW, but here in Europe is not on
sale yet.
Then I thought maybe my router is already able to do what I need.
Is there a way I can connect a printer to my router and use it
wirelessly with my laptop.
Please bear in mind the printer should always be attached via cable to
the old pc, so I guess the printer should have both an usb and an
ethernet connection.
Or should I buy a printer server wireless?
thanks a lot in advance

Re: NetGear DG834G V4 and laser printer: plz help!

On 7/19/2010 9:05 AM, Domanda wrote:
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Since you don't say what your operating system and what your router is
there is almost nothing to go on. If you are running Windows and if you
have network connectivity between the "old desktop" and the laptop (file
and printer sharing on) then all you have to do is set the "old desktop" to
share the printer on the network and install the drivers for the printer on
the laptop and it should be possible to print over the network. I've
stopped using network connections on my home network and now have a Dell
color laser connected via USB to my main office computer and an old HP
laser connected via USB to parallel cable to my WHS machine in the
basement. I can print on either printer via the wired network of from a
wireless connection from my notebook. This has been a standard part of
Windows from the days of WFW.

Re: NetGear DG834G V4 and laser printer: plz help!

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thanks a lot
both run Win XP.

There is no connectivity between the old desktop and the laptop,
either works when the other one is switched off.
I understood that I just needed a printer with Ethernet port, so I
bought (5 minutes ago) a Samsung 4623FN (where the "N" means
'network') so I can plug it to my Router and to my old desktop via

From what you write, do you need to have all pc on in order to print?
or you can reach either printer even when the attached pc is off?

Re: NetGear DG834G V4 and laser printer: plz help!

On 7/19/2010 10:41 AM, Domanda wrote:
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If you are sharing a printer on the network through a given PC then the PC
needs to be turned on. If you want to have the two computers "talk" to each
other you will need to turn on file and printer sharing on both of them,
place each of them in the same workgroup, and (probably) have a shared user
name and password on both. This is convenient for doing data backups from
one machine to the other and if the desktop machine has a very large HD
then storing things like media files there is more convenient than storing
them on a small laptop HD.

For me it proved to be easier to have a computer share a printer rather
than to share the printer directly on the network -- I did have both
printers directly on the network for along time but administering them
seems to be easier this way. Since all of my machines run 24X7 anyway there
is no real penalty other than a larger electric bill.

Good luck with your new printer.

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