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which hard drives type used in netbooks, 2.5 inch 5400rpm SATA or 3.5"?
Specifically, in netbooks based on Intel Atom Dual Core D525.

Re: Netbook harddrive

Alonso wrote:
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I see some general comments here.

Asus has a bunch of different kinds of storage devices. And the
interfaces on them can be strange (PCI Express Mini Card). I've also
heard some of those things referred to as having "IDE" or "SATA" interfaces,
but it might be referring to a chip on the flash module itself that
gives it that distinction.

I don't know what netbooks have a D525 in them, so it's hard to say
what specific design they might have. When all your competitors are
using 2.5" rotating SATA hard drives, you'd probably put one in yours
as well. So the market may have settled on a particular form factor,
in the name of providing a reasonable amount of storage at a good
price. The small capacity of the flash/SSDs used in the past, may
have been a sales barrier, which is why they switched over to regular
hard drives. They're not as shock resistant, but they can carry a few
more files than the machines with Flash or SSD storage.

2.5" drives come in at least two thicknesses. The highest capacity
hard drives will be a few millimeters thicker, so when shopping for
a replacement, don't attempt to buy the highest capacity one you can
find. First, check the dimensions of the one already in there, so you
can buy one of the same thickness as a replacement. It might be 9.5mm.,2623.html

If you're running a repair business, I think it would be pretty hard
to stock replacements for everything. Some of the older machines with
the weird flash devices in them, would be a problem.


Re: Netbook harddrive

On 10/14/2011 7:12 AM, Alonso wrote:
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Certainly not a 3.5" drive -- that is the standard physical size for a
desktop machine. Probably not a 1.8" since these tend to be a bit more
expensive and netbooks aim for the lowest possible cost. That means that
the likely size is 2.5" and in the thinner 7mm or 9.5mm variety seem most
likely given the size of most netbooks. The better netbooks might well have
some form of SSD inside rather than a spinning drive.

The type of processor in the computer means absolutely nothing when it
comes to the drive size = an Atom processor could just as easily be
connected to a 2tB 3.5" server drive. What you need to do is to look at the
specifications for whatever netbook you are interested in. You might even
find that a particular model might have been sold with several types of drives.

Re: Netbook harddrive

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Sorry, I mistyped: I mean Nettop computers, not netbooks.

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