Nero re-install + scanner = preview trouble? (And MP3 transfer trouble, too)

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A few weeks ago, I re-installed Nero 7 on my XP SP2 system while
trying to get it to do LightScribe (I eventually settled with LS'
template labeler).

Last night, I decided to fire up my Canon MP160 for scanning, and I
ran into some problems. I used the Scanner and Camera Wizard, and it
produced errors while trying to preview ("An error occurred during
preview. If the scanner is being used, please wait for it to complete
task and then click preview."), or even set custom parameters for the
scan. It did scan properly despite the lack of preview, though, and it
was working perfectly fine with Photoshop and Canon's own scanning

A little searching found this thread that seems to be putting the
blame on Nero:

I fired up System Restore and used a checkpoint from before the re-
install. Sure enough, the preview worked properly. I tried a
checkpoint from after the re-install; sure enough, no preview. (I
reverted the restores, though, since those had some problems of their

Also, I suspect that the re-install may have also fouled up something
else: until recently, I copied MP3s to my Zen Mozaic directly via
Windows Explorer. And then it started saying "The device has either
stopped responding or has been disconnected" while trying to copy via
Explorer, while using Creative's own software works fine. The problems
started around the Nero re-install as well. Hmm...

Re: Nero re-install + scanner = preview trouble? (And MP3 transfer trouble, too) wrote:
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I wouldn't need anymore evidence that Nero7 is more trouble than it's
worth.  I have several OEM versions of Nero, as pack-ins with DVD
writers, and I've stuck with Nero6--it does what I need and does not
seem as aggressive as its successors.  If I have to move off of it, I'll
go to something like ImgBurn.

It happens so frequently: A good application is destroyed by feature bloat.

Re: Nero re-install + scanner = preview trouble? (And MP3 transfer trouble, too)

On Sat, 14 Mar 2009 06:37:15 GMT, Grinder

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So sad, but so true.  I'm resisting buying burners because
what I have works with Nero 6, but it may be a
self-defeating plan, maybe I should instead buy as many
burners as I can afford now, with the hope that means I have
spares that don't force me to move on to v7 or thereafter
just to support them.

There is a ray of hope, on The Pirate Bay there are lite
versions of Nero, potentially looking at those one can gain
hints on how to slim down the version that comes with a
burner or install those and use the product key you have and
not run afoul of the anti-piracy police (Or at least have a
proof of license for software used).

Nero's software suites though, are just insane.  Who wants
services running in the background, video and audio software
installed by default just to use the authoring feature of
their optical drive?  When I put a blank disc in a computer
I want it to do exactly nothing... till I tell it to.

Re: Nero re-install + scanner = preview trouble? (And MP3 transfer trouble, too)

kony wrote:
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I did a reinstall a few months ago, and thought I might try one of my
newer versions of Nero.  It screwed my machine up so badly that I
immediately fell back to my baseline backup--and that was just from the
"minimalist" Nero that came with a DVD burner.  The full blown version
probably would have killed my dog.

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