need replacement power supply

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The power supply in my computer has died.  It is a no-name 450W
light-weight piece of junk.  I need to buy a replacement but don't
think I need all that power.  Maybe someone can help me decide.

Pentium P4 2.0 G Biostar M7TDF mainboard
WD 80G and 40G hard drives
Two CDRW drives
PNY Verto 128MB with power input video card
SB sound card
D-Link 10/100 NIC
US Robotics modem
one case fan
some decorative case LEDs

I think 300-350 Watts should suffice.  Any thoughts?

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Re: need replacement power supply

badgolferman wrote:
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I'd think that a 350 would work for what you have now. If you don't plan
on doing major surgery on the system then buying a good quality 350 is
fine but if you plan on replacing major hardware and generally upgrading
everything as you go along for several years then buying a good quality
450-500 probably wouldn't hurt. The price difference between a 350 and a
450 when you get out of the throw-away class PS isn't all that great.
But the key to all of this is to buy a _good_ PS when you do it
otherwise you're just throwing more good money down the hole.

Hint: I've got PSs from PC Power and Cooling that have been running
essentially 24X7 for ten and seven and five years now -- never a
problem. Not cheap and probably not for everyone but suggestive of what
you should expect if you stay away from the junk.
John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: need replacement power supply

On 25 Aug 2005 13:26:02 GMT, "badgolferman"

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I've had good luck with



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Re: need replacement power supply

badgolferman, 8/25/2005, 9:26:02 AM,

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Thanks guys.  I went to the store and got a 350W continuous/400W peak
Mad Dog Multimedia SurePower power supply with three-speed variable
dual fans and 5 year warranty.  It seems quality construction and very

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