need recommendations on what brand, specific computer tool kit to buy (physical tool kits,...

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I'm looking for recommendation on what brands and specific tool kits
to buy.  I had a cheap, about 10-piece kit, but it got lost in a
recent move.  It had some regular screwdrivers, a few mini-style
screwdrivers, a  chip extractor, tweezers, a screw/connector/jumper/
box, and came in a crummy zipper case.  Got that one at a trade show a
few years back as a freebie.

Whatever I get, in addition to the above I'd like the kit to have a
wire stripper/cutter, a soldering iron, needle-nose pliers and a
ratchet driver with standard/phlips/torx/square bits.  A small
flashlight would be nice.

Amazon has a Belkin 55-piece kit for $34.98:
( product link shortened) has a Fellowes 55-peice kit for $33.88:

No soldering iron with the Fellowes, it does have a voltage tester.

Both have free shipping available, and both are priced about 40% off.
None of local stores have much available but the cheap 8-to-20 piece
kits, or very expensive kits with LAN and/or electrical tools.

Anyone have/used either of these?  Are the tools of good quality?

Any other brands or specific kits I should consider?  I don't need a
nice case or anything, as I plan to put all the tools I get into a
small tollbox that I have.  I'd like to keep the price below $50.

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