need help with Sata driver.

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I seem to need some sort of software driver to enable my new Maxtor sata
harddrive to work in my 2year old computer. The sata drive works just fine
when hooked up to another, newer, computer I have so I know the drive is ok.
Both computers run XP-home. The bios and diskmgmt.msc both see the drive. So
I must be missing this elusive little piece of software. The computer is a
H-P, the motherboard is Asus and neither have anything about Sata drivers on
their support web pages. Could this necessary driver be named something
else? They have drivers for "sis ide" drivers, but that doesn't sound right.
I'm out of warranty, so H-P blows me off and Asus just ignores me. Can I get
this necessary software anywhere else than the motherboard manufacture?
Windows? What would it be called? Thanks for the help, I'm lost in the woods

Re: need help with Sata driver.

Have you checked the bios for anything about SATA or RAID?  You may need to
enable something there.  You may also need to install RAID drivers if you
haven't already.


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Re: need help with Sata driver.

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Find a utility that can tell you something about the motherboard.
Like what chipset is on it. There will also be an Asus OEM model
number on the motherboard. You can go to, type that
model number (like A7N8X-LA), into the HP search box, and a web
page should be listed with the internal HP name for the motherboard
(like "Salmon"), plus tech info on the board. Once you know the
chipset, you can go to and download software, or you can
go to Asus and find the nearest equivalent motherboard.

So, dig up the model number off the motherboard, and post it
here if you need more help. The model number will be in bigger
white text on the motherboard.


Re: need help with Sata driver.

You need to download the motherboard's SATA driver and install it,while you
are installing XP SP2, from a floppy when the installation program asks you
if you want to install any 3rd Party Drivers and press F6.


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