Need Help with Purchasing more RAM

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Im looking at purchasing RAM for my computer

The motherboard houses DIMM SDRAM, which I can find easily enough

The thing that confused me was an eBay seller, who said...

To ensure this memory will work with your computer, your computer /
motherboard MUST:

1. Be able to use 1GB DDR modules
2. NOT have an ASUS motherboard
3. Have chipsets from the following list (if you have two chipsets on
your board, they must both be on this list):

*.SiS Chipsets
*.VIA P4X266A,
*.VIA KT266/333
*.VIA KT600 (except ASUS KT600)
*.VIA PT800
* 648FX
* KM400
* K8T800
* KT 880
* KT 400
* KT 400A


I have no idea what these chipsets are and my motherboard mentions none
of them in its documentation. Can someone please explain what they are?

My motherboard is an MS6714 supplied with an eMachines computer,
purchased here in the UK.

Would the following RAM be compatible with this motherboard?

Any help much appreciated

Re: Need Help with Purchasing more RAM

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The quickest way to find what RAM you need, is to go
here. , type in your Mboard (ie MS6714)

and it will tell you what you want.

Re: Need Help with Purchasing more RAM wrote:
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The above language is describing the sale of RAM using 128Mx4 chips. In
other words, each memory chip on the module has a 4 bit interface. To
make a "bank" of memory, enough chips must be put side by side, to make
a 64 bit wide bank. That takes 16 chipset in this case. The entire
module makes one bank of memory.

Conventional 1GB sticks, use 64Mx8 chips. It takes eight chips to make
a bank of those.

The difference is in the results. The seller is giving the "restricted
list" of motherboards, to basically state that the memory does not work
well, and only works with a limited set of motherboard/chipset types.

I have since discovered, on the JEDEC site, that JEDEC approves the
construction method, of using 128Mx4 chips. But if you check Intel
chipset datasheets, many of them mention only x8 and x16 type chips
as being supported. So Intel does not look favorably on x4 chips
for desktop chipsets. (The best place for the x4 chips, is on
server memory, and server memory is "registered".)

So I would look for advertisements, that either say "64Mx8",
or the advertisement does not have the "restricted list" of
chipsets. Even with the "restricted list" (like if you had a
KT600 based motherboard), there is no guarantee you could use
three of those memory sticks. Maybe only one stick would work
error free.

Major brand name memories do not use the 128Mx4 chips. As the other
poster suggested, if you shop at Kingston or Crucial, you should
get 64Mx8 chips. Even if a stick of Ebay RAM is $20 cheaper, why
would you want to worry about whether it is going to work or not ?

Since I've had generic memory fail, roughly 1.5 years after purchase,
I'd also be worried about the expected lifetime of the Ebay RAM..


Re: Need Help with Purchasing more RAM

thanks guys

really informative and helpful

Paul wrote:

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