Need Help With My Xerox DocuPrint N17 Laser Printer

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My friend still cannot use his Xerox DocuPrint N17 Laser Printer on
his LAN.  He says the printer must be given a TCP/IP address in order
to be network ready and that address is entered through the N17's
Control Panel.  His USER MANUAL refers to a DocuPrint N17 QUICK
NETWORK GUIDE, but he says neither it nor anything else appropriate
seems available at  He also says his USER GUIDE has a Menu
Map which refers to an IP Address, but the first column which has the
key information is blacked out for some reason. The USER GUIDE is
still available on their Website.    Blue letters against blue
background prints solid black on a laser printer. Which, of course, is
what the printer for which this guide is intended is.  He has worked
his way to  He has + and - buttons for setting
values.  He has an IP Address from earlier efforts that is These don't fit the format on the Xerox.

Is there a possibility that someone out there has a Xerox DocuPrint
N17 or N17b and has this information.

If so, I and my friend would delight in hearing some ideas.


Re: Need Help With My Xerox DocuPrint N17 Laser Printer

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...basically set an address on the same subnet as his PC, but that isn't in


PC has with a subnet mask of means
through - with being in use already (by the PC).

Re: Need Help With My Xerox DocuPrint N17 Laser Printer

gecko wrote:
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According to this, the printer has the default option of
using DHCP. The magic address 169.254.x.x (APIPA) is the "I cannot
reach anybody" address, assigned by failing to communicate
with another device.

(APIPA mentioned in passing, here.)

I'd start by verifying whether the printer needs a normal
Ethernet cable, or a crossover cable. My crossover cable here,
has a blue plastic cover over one connector, and a red one over
the other connector. My "normal" cables have the same color
insulation over either end of the cable.

Read only the first paragraph here.


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