Need help with Linksys print server troubles

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My friend has been having big trouble trying to implement a Linksys
print server on his LAN.  In an effort to home in on the problem, he
has reduced his setup to  just one computer with just one printer and
the Linksys print server connecting the two.  His installation finds
the Print Server and opens the Setup Wizard. However, it fails to list
the Print Server.  Installation will not proceed without a server name
and IP address being entered.  He has one Gateway computer (XP PRO
SP2) and one printer (Xerox laser) connected to the Linksys Print
Server.  He tried the Xerox connected with Cat 5 and with USB.  Same
outcome: His computer gets knocked off the Internet. When he unplugs
the print server's power,  Internet comes back!  

He repeated his testing using a another printer, his Alps MD-4000
printer. Same outcome.  He repeated his testing using a another
printer,  an HP Laserjet 6L printer. Same outcome.

Even if all three of these printers should turn out to be incompatible
with this print server, why would they knock the computer off the
Internet. Is the print server is malfunctioning?   Is there anything
else he can try?

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