need help upgrading Precision 670 storage ...

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Hi all,

My current system have the following storage settings:

- Seagate ST380013AS 80GB interface SATA 1.5Gb/s
   with 8MB cache.

- Single FUJITSU MAP3367NP 36.7 GB Ultra320 SCSI
   cache 8MB 10K rpm

- Integrated Adaptec AIC-7901 HostRAID controller.

My target is to at least triplicate capacity and increase
performance <dramatically?> i.e. big bang for the buck :)

- Optimally I plan to replace the 36.7 GB Ultra320 SCSI by
  two same or higher size 73GB 15K rpm and make them
  in stripe RAID 0 configuration with the AIC-7901 HostRAID
  controller in RAID 0 config. In the worst case at least buy couple
   additional 10K ones to stripe with.

   Would the AIC-7901 HostRAID be as good as the optional
   PCI adapter RAID SCSI 320 card for RAID 0? or I would be
   better off getting the optional card? for Precision 670 should be
   Adaptec SCSI 29160 right? note without 29160(N) i.e. 64 bits?
   is that correct? there is very little info at DELL website.

- Replace the Seagate ST380013AS 80GB with a way bigger
  (and faster? ) solution i.e. MAXTOR MaxLine III (7V300F0), 300GB,
  Bulk 16MB Cache, 7200 Rpm, Serial-ATA II 3 Gb/s, RoHS? any
  faster solution for the primary disk than that? compatible with
  Precision 670 by buying adapter PCI 2.2 card etc?

I will get all the parts on eBay, there are pretty good deals currently
... so it will not be that expensive but I am a bit unsure as what is the
way to go.

Usage target is:

- Primary SATA HDD for OS and most applications probably partition it
   for Linux / Windows dual booting.
- Stripped SCSI RAID 0 for: database files, software development tools (not
  sources of course) and also games :)

Please advice,

Many thanks in advance,
Best Regards,

Re: need help upgrading Precision 670 storage ...

i would not buy a maxtor drive ever!
instead, buy a seagate sata drive with 5 year warranty and 16mb buffer
with 3.0gb rate
these are on sale many places if you look.
i also used to buy drives from ebay, but you gotta be very careful,
because the warrantees dont  check out.
you will not get a better price on ebay than a sale price at or  a 300gb seagate drive is $100 w/ 5 year warranty.

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