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I need help figuring out what is wrong with my computer
and how to fix it. Upon booting I'm getting a message that PXE media
failure check cable? Can anyone tell me what this is and how to fix
it.  I need my computer. :crybaby:

Re: Need help thanks

Normally you're not going to boot your PC from PXE.  PXE is generally used
in conjuction with imaging software like Ghost.  It allows a PC with no
operating system on the hard disk to but through its PXE-enabled network
card and PXE network server.  The fact that you're getting this message
probably means one of two things:
1. Your boot order has been changed and your PC is trying to boot from your
network card before your hard disk.  If you've been tooling around in your
system's BIOS setup this is possible.  Go back into the BIOS setup
(generally press <DEL> when you first power on the PC and look for your boot
order and set the HD as first.
2. The other reason you can see this error is if your HD has gone bad or one
of its cables (power or IDE interface) have come undone.  With the power
off, open the PC and verify your connections to your mother board and HD.
You may also want to turn the PC on with the cover open and see if you hear
any abnormal clicking sounds coming from the HD.

Re: Need help thanks

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 00:31:34 GMT, (deborahsla) wrote:

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PXE is a network boot option.
Check your bios for the boot devices, settings and either
set a different device you want to boot from, higher in the
priority list or set the bios to "try other devices" (the
wording of the setting can vary but it will be obvious).

The failure to boot PXE when you're not wanting to PXE boot,
is merely a sign that you either don't have the bios set
right or you don't have any other viable boot devices
connected and/or working.  If you cannot resolve this then
give us more details of what you're trying to, wanting to
boot from and recheck the cables and jumpers (if applicable)
on that device.

Re: Need help thanks

deborahsla wrote:
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 Check the cables for connection. This means to take the cover off the
computer and unplug the cable that goes to the CD Rom drive and plug in

Re: Need help thanks

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Isn't PXE a network boot thing? If you're trying to boot off the network
then try all of the usual things - check card, cable, and the server
it's connected to. If you aren't trying to boot off the network any more
then go into the BIOS and change the boot order to boot off a hard drive
rather than the LAN.



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