Need Help - Strange Print Output HP 950 AIO

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My HP 950CSE (All-In-One) is suddenly printing two extra pages along
with normal printout(s), no matter the number of pages being printed.
The pages contain what looks to me like some sort of (?printing?)

For example - page one starts out
errordict begin /handleerror {error begin newerror { /newerror false
page two starts out
xmin ymax 1.5 inch sub lineto
Helvetica findfont .2 inch scalefont setfont

I have no idea why this started.  Can anyone advise how to get rid of



Re: Need Help - Strange Print Output HP 950 AIO

Jethro wrote:
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The code above, is "Postscript". It is a graphics language.
The language can be parsed and displayed by Ghostscript, but only
if the code is complete.

Postscript Language Reference Manual

The code you've shown above, looks like there could well be an error
message contained in it, in plain English. The "setfont" command has
chosen the easy-to-read Helvetica font for rendering, so the actual
message itself should be around there as well.

"Handleerror" can be part of a Postscript print job. If the file
sent to the printer, develops an error while the print is happening,
the print job itself can emit a piece of paper with a message on it.
An example would be, if the Postscript interpreter inside the printer,
ran out of RAM while rendering one of the pages. That might be
enough to cause an error page to come out.

If your printer is not an actual Postscript printer, then, well,
you'd need to figure out why the printing subsystem is sending
Postscript, to a non-Postscript printer :-)


Re: Re: Need Help - Strange Print Output HP 950 AIO

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Thanks Paul

I'll look at the postscript possibility tomorrow morning.  I don't
think the HP950CSE AIO is a postscript printer.  But I'll try to
determine that one way or another.


Re: Re: Re: Need Help - Strange Print Output HP 950 AIO

ning PaulOn Wed, 01 Aug 2007 01:29:58 GMT, Jethro

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Good morning Paul.

I think you hit it on the head.  I checked all the options/preferences
in the printer properties, and found that 'separator page' was checked
and showed a .exe file under windows\system32 to use for that.  I
never set that, and how it became set I have no idea.  But I cleared
the filename box, and so far the two garbage pages have not
re-appeared when I print.

Thanks again.


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