need help, my pc won't start

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Hi guys,
It my first time I use google group but I have a great hope that this
experience will be helpfull. I'm having problems with my PC. During
Booting it says:
Single Channel Memory Mode and after that
Initializing USB controllers....
And windows won't start. I tried to enter setup by pressing F2 but it
won't enter. I tried to find help on web but I get lost in the google
search. Please help me with this problem. I need to work as soon as
possible with my PC.
thank you in advance, my new friends

Re: need help, my pc won't start

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Im assuming everything is OK up until WIN tries to start so I would
try to rule out the HD/data corruption.

You dont have another HD do you? Its great to have a junk old spare HD
so you can have a clean install of WIN to test it.


Re: need help, my pc won't start

If you are using any USB sockets disconnect them all and have another
try, have
you tried going into safe mode and selecting 'Last known
good configuration that

If any of these help I know not.


Re: need help, my pc won't start

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I'm assuming you're trying to enter setup with the F2 key. Are you sure
that's the correct one to enter setup?

IF you are, then try resetting the cmos by moving the jumper to reset it and
then back to original position, and then try getting in again.

Which mb is this that you're using? Is it new, refurb, did you have Windows
running on it before ?

Jan Alter

Re: need help, my pc won't start

well it is written on the screen. Press F2 to enter setup.
I'll try to reset the CMOS. I use Windows XP service pack 2 and I used
it before successfully. Some times ago it made the same error and I had
one guy fix it. Well the guy just formated and this is the problem I
don't want to reformat my PC again.
thank you!

Re: need help, my pc won't start

krisaldi wrote:
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What is written on what screen?  What same error.  Etc.  Without
context your article is completely meaningless.  GOOGLE IS NOT
USENET.  Google is simply a very poor (and broken) interface to
usenet.  Your articles have to stand by themselves.  For means to
do that, even on the foul google interface, see my sig. below.
READ the referenced URLs.

"If you want to post a followup via, don't use
 the broken "Reply" link at the bottom of the article.  Click on
 "show options" at the top of the article, then click on the
 "Reply" at the bottom of the article headers." - Keith Thompson
More details at: <
Also see <

Re: need help, my pc won't start

I'm not using any USB sockets and the problem is that I can't enter the
safe mode either. The view on the screen stay just at the same position
tellling press F2 for setup, press F11 for boot menu Single Channel
Memory Mode and initializing the USB controllers. If you try to press
either F2 or F11 nothing happens. Same view and same messages written
on the screen. It is not possible to enter Last known good
configuration taht worked.
thank you for your interes

Re: need help, my pc won't start


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It would be good to first post a concise but complete
description of the system, including CPU, motherboard
make/model, video, memory, hard drives & other drives, power
supply make/model/wattage.

What has changed since the system last worked properly?
Include anything, even moving the system across the desk?

Inspect the system- check that all fans are spining, all
cables / cards / memory / etc. are well-seated.

If you can find nothing that will boot the system or enter
the bios (try pressing the F2 key sooner, immediately
rapidly pressing it the moment after pressing the power-on
button), then unplug the PSU from the wall AC and then use
the motherboard clear CMOS jumper, or remove the battery for
10 minutes (also while AC is disconnected).

Retry the system, if it still doesn't work then disconnect
noneseential devices, unplug the drives and anything not
necessary to POST the system and enter the bios.  Unplug
both the power and data cables.  Leave only the following
connected:  CPU, heatsink/fan, 1 memory module, video card
(or onboard video if present, and the monitor of course),
keyboard.  Disconnect all drives too, the goal at this point
is not to boot windows but to just try to get the system to
progress through the POST and be able to enter the bios
setup menus, get it working that much.  If/when it works to
that extent you can add back devices one at a time and
recheck proper operation.

If disconnecting all those parts and clearing CMOS don't
help, it may be time to remove the motherboard from the case
and try it on a non-conductive surface.  If you post the
list of system components perhaps someone can identify a
potential problem.  Also take voltage readings with a
multimeter if you have one.  With the motherboard out on a
desk, try it again in the bare minimum configuration
described above.  The "most common" problem parts are
motherboard and power supply (unless something obvious went
wrong like the heatsink falling off).

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