Need Help - FM2-A85XA-G43 Mobo BIOS won't work

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Anyone out there using the MSI FM2-A85XA-G43 motherboard with its
Click BIOS 2(I think)?  I had multi-boot set up with two hard drives
that were shown fine at boot (F11), and I could select the one I
wanted.  It was working okay until I messed with the boot selections
yesterday.  I simply wanted the second to show first so that it would
boot by default.

Now it will only show two choices:

UEFI: Built in EFI Shell
Enter System

The first takes me to nothing I recognize.  The second takes me to the
BIOS, which it should.   But I cannot find any changes to make to the
BIOS that will  alter anything to do with the boot.  So I am stuck.  I
have been playing with this since yesterday to no avail.  Yes, one of
the BIOS options is to return the BIOS to default settings and save,
but that does no good either.  I thought maybe if I could get rid of
'UEFI: Built in EFI shell' it would help, but I could find no way to
do that either.

Can anyone suggest anything?


Big Fred

Re: Need Help - FM2-A85XA-G43 Mobo BIOS won't work wrote:
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The only suggestion I can find for "EFI Shell", is if you're
dropped into it by accident, type "exit" into it as a command.

In the BIOS UEFI graphical screens, there is an "MSI Settings",
and a sub-item of "Boot". And that is supposed to control
the boot order.


Re: Re: Need Help - FM2-A85XA-G43 Mobo BIOS won't work

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Hi Paul.

Yeh, I entered 'help' and got a long list of commands only the last
half of which remained on the screen, so I missed 'exit'.  Although
common sense should have led me to try that.  I did try it, and
returned to the drive selection list which now includes both drives.
Go figure.



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