Need Help Correcting Pool of Printer Names

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I am re-creating my two machine LAN, both WXP SP2.

I want my three printers all connected to one, and used by both
machines.  When I 'add new printers' on the second (remote) machine I
notice that the choices include the 'share-name' I want, which has
worked fine except for one printer, but the pool of available choices
include a whole lot of names from earlier setups over the past two
years.  Those choices are of no use any more, and in fact their
'share-names' are no longer valid.  How do I remove all the obsolete
choices now?  I could find no way.

While I am asking, the one printer that I can not seem to use remotely
is a Konica 1350W Laser.  Is that printer unique is some way that
precludes sharing?  The printer works fine when printing from the
machine to which it is connected, but not from the second machine.



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