Need Drivers for Compaq ?Quanta 30D3? Laptop

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I have this Compaq laptop that only has XP SP3 on it, and I badly need
drivers for its Lan, Network Card, etc.  PC Wizard describes it as

Mainboard           Quanta 30D3
Chipset                 nVidia GeForce Go 6100
Processor           AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile TK-55 @ 1899 MHz
Network Card     Wireless 1390 WLan Mini-PCI Card

Since the laptop will not connect to the web, I have spent two days on
another computer, searching the web for drivers for this laptop, but I
can find nothing that will install and run.  DriverAgent has been no

Anyone have any experience with this laptop and can help me?
Anyone suggest something I can try?



Re: Need Drivers for Compaq ?Quanta 30D3? Laptop wrote:
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This thread at least gives the Compaq part number.

Compaq Presario f558us laptop
quanta 30d3 motherboard
amd turion 64 mobile ml-36
nvidia go geforce 6100 video card
windows xp pro
Network Card: Broadcom Corp Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-PCI Card

This is the link from that thread, to drivers.

If I select Vista, it offers two files for WLAN. If I select WinXP, only one
file. So the low level driver is missing for WinXP. I'd try downloading
the Vista driver and see if it installs. I looked in the bcmwl6.inf
file, and can see mention of a number of OSes in there, so it's worth
a shot. So I'd try this Vista driver, to get the WinXP low
level support for WLAN. You could also download the WinXP
"HP Wireless Assistant", but I don't know what that is really
doing, and whether that is a replacement for Wireless Zero Config or

Otherwise, use your GoogleFu to find other references to the 1390 WLAN.
If the above FTP'ed installer file doesn't work, post back.


In terms of things like Ethernet drivers (if the laptop has an RJ-45
Ethernet connector on it), that would come from the large Nvidia chipset
driver package.

Again, the HP web page above, has an "Nvidia chipset" package for Vista,
but none for WinXP. That doesn't mean the chipset package is non-existent.

This is the HP *Vista* chipset package, for reference.

If I open the README file from that package, these are
the tick box items included. The chipset package doesn't
do the graphics driver. And there may be tick boxes, so
you can selectively install things. In this case, you'd
*only* tick the Ethernet driver box and let the installer
do that one.

    "This nForce WinVista driver package contains the below components:

     Installer (v5.53)
     Ethernet Driver (65.55) WHQL     <--- only if Compaq/HP is using the
     IDE SataIDE Driver (v9.92) WHQL
     SMU (v1.31) WHQL"

If I go to Nvidia, I can't find a Go 6100 chipset driver.

So I tried MSI instead. This is for an MSI VR330 notebook. As
far as I can tell, C51MV is the same as Go 6100. This may be
good enough to solve the Ethernet driver (if it needs one and
they actually wired up the built-in chipset Ethernet block).


Graphics are a whole other issue. A laptop consists of the
Go 6100 GPU, but it is wired in a certain way to the LCD panel.
That means, it is possible, if you grab any old Go 6100 graphics
driver, to end up with the panel on the laptop not working quite
right. Like it selecting the wrong resolution or something.
I don't know if panels connected to laptops are handled by
Plug and Play, which is why you're typically at the mercy
of the manufacturer to provide a proper driver. (I.e. HP/Compaq
would be the best source of a driver. Or one of the
Notebook review sites, might have hacked up a driver for it.)

Since you have the Quanta part number, that may be another
avenue to finding a similar platform. I don't know if
Windows Update would try to handle that for you or not.

The thing is, when the Quanta 30D3 was released, it might
have been released sans WinXP drivers, for all the companies
which used that to build a laptop. So it's possible no other
driver download, will be in any better shape.

Maybe when you get the network running, you'll have more
options open to you, in terms of searching.

Good luck,

Re: Re: Need Drivers for Compaq ?Quanta 30D3? Laptop

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Thanks for your work and research.  As it happens I finally did get
the network running using a driver from, so now at
least I should be able to try to try to solve the problems on the
machine with the problems.  That's gotta be a plus.  So far though,
DiverAgent will not  report any results in the way of bad drivers at
all on the laptop.  That has never happened before.  Gotta be a

I also have been told that the Quanta 30d3 was released with Windows 7
and not XP.  So, that may be why I can't find any drivers for this
laptop for XP.

Thanks again,


The laptop still has very inferior video and no audio at all.

Re: Re: Need Drivers for Compaq ?Quanta 30D3? Laptop

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Wow!  Before I received your reply, I had found that this download



which at  least activated the LAN.

As I said though, although I can now browse, my use of 'DriverAgent'
will not perform its driver analysis that I like to use.  I thought it
would pinpoint the problems with the other drivers.  But not so far.

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So far my resolution sucks.  My status currently is bad video and no
sound.  And maybe something else - I don't know.

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Re: Need Drivers for Compaq ?Quanta 30D3? Laptop

Have you tried 'HP'
( )
using the product number? If they use 'Nvidia'
( ) chip set try


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