Need driver for PCIe SD-PEX63034 Audio card

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I need the driver(s) for my PCIe Audio
Card Model: SD-PEX63034

Can anyone tell me a download site for same?



Re: Need driver for PCIe SD-PEX63034 Audio card

On 01/30/2016 11:02 AM, wrote:
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Windows has a feature to "look on line" for the driver and that should  
do the trick

otherwise just go to the manufacturer's website

than simple

Re: Need driver for PCIe SD-PEX63034 Audio card

This is what I am dealing with:

which says:
Unfortunately, the publisher of this driver has not submitted any
valid download links. If you know where we can find it, please notify
us here.

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Re: Need driver for PCIe SD-PEX63034 Audio card

Wayne wrote on 2016/01/30:  

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Hence philo's OTHER suggestion of going to the product manufacturer's
web site.

Syba has a driver (just one) for that product.  You never mentioned
which operating system for which you need drivers.  If you need a driver
for Windows (you also never mentioned which version) then you are
perhaps in luck as the readme file for their driver says it supports:

Windows 7 32-/64-bit
Windows Server 2008 32-/64-bit
Windows Vista 32-/64-bit
Windows Server 2003 32-/64-bit
Windows XP 32-/64-bit
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows 98SE

Their "software requirement" tab lists:

Windows 8
Windows 7 32-/64-bit
Server 2008 32-/64-bit
Windows Vista 32-/64-bit
Server 2003 32-/64-bit
Windows XP 32-/64-bit
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows 98SE

The only difference is Windows 8 is listed, so you probably use the
Windows 7 driver in Windows 8.  You never mentioned OS or version so if
you need a driver for Linux then you are screwed and will have to hope
the included generic sound driver works or you will have to buy new

Re: Need driver for PCIe SD-PEX63034 Audio card

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Sorry about that.  I usualy stick to bottom posting.  My error.
I am using W7 Home Premium - 64 bit., for which I could not find a



Re: Need driver for PCIe SD-PEX63034 Audio card

Wayne wrote on 2016/01/31:

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As per their readme.txt file in the downloaded .zip file, Syba's driver
package supports Windows 7 64-bit.  You want a /different/ driver than
the one from Syba provided for their own product?

Re: Need driver for PCIe SD-PEX63034 Audio card wrote:
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    # Based on VIA VT1723 Envy24DT Multi-channel Audio Controller
    # Based on VIA VT1618 8-channel AC'97 Codec
    # Complies with AC'97 Specification, Revision 2.3
    # Complies with PCI-express Base Specification Rev. 1.1

When you click the Download tab on that page, there
are no drivers.

*However*, there is a blue colored "Request Driver" button.
You give them your email address, they send you the driver
as an attachment or whatever.

This is intended to reduce download bandwidth. So only
customers will pester them.


User manual.

    Chipset: VIA VT1723, VT1618; ASMedia ASM1083

The ASMedia chip description reads like this.

    ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM1083/1085 PCIe to PCI Bridge

That means, it converts the PCI bus interface on the Envy24DT
into PCI Express signals your newer motherboard can use.

You should not need a driver for the ASM1083. So that's
one item out of the way.

This also means, that when searching for a driver,
you can look for a VT1723 driver on the VIA site.
No guarantees how well this will work, and you'd need
to use the PNP information visible on the Device Manager
properties, to get some idea whether the driver is
a good match or not.

Note - this is an annoying web page. Use a modern browser.

So what you search for here, is

    Microsoft Windows
    Windows 7          <---- set this so *some* driver shows up...
    VIA Envy24 PCI Audio Controllers

After you make the last item selection, the web page
will reload and use some AJAX to paint the web page.

    Chips supported   VIA Vinyl Envy24 controllers: DT/GT/HT-S/MT/PT

The link I got to the driver is this, but by the time
you read this, it's entirely possible the link will be
dead. This could be a dynamic, one-time link.

The driver is 9.1MB.

You look in an INF file in the drivers folder, for lines of this nature.


Now, my problem is, I don't know the SUBSYS value
for "Syba", so I cannot verify that is the
correct or workable driver. That driver works
with many different brands of cards. The SUBSYS field
might help the card determine what the CODEC type
is, which is past the Envy24.

And by not telling us the OS you're using,
you made this harder than it needed to be.


As Philo says, you can also ask the Device Manager
driver update thing, to search the microsoft site
for the necessary file. The difference when doing
it this way, is you may not get the "fancy" control
panel for the card, and may get just enough driver
to get 2 channel sound or whatever. I prefer to track
down a "real" driver if I can get one.

And no, you don't necessarily turn to driver_of_the_week
site or some_random_webpage to get your driver. You
could get malware that way. Only a few of those sites
have really good reputations. Notice that I am trying
to trace the lineage of the card, to find you
a driver.

And after all these years, I *still* cannot get
a SUBSYS list. PCIdatabase lists VEN and DEV, but
no SUBSYS. The damn things are registered somewhere,
and each manufacturer has to apply for a unique code.


Re: Need driver for PCIe SD-PEX63034 Audio card

Paul wrote on 2016/01/30:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes there is.  Just one.  Downloading the file and reading its
readme.txt file is how I know which Windows versions it supports.
(click on image to enlarge)

That's what I saw.

Re: Need driver for PCIe SD-PEX63034 Audio card

VanguardLH wrote:
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Good catch. I missed that. My eyesight
isn't that good.

And the file looks similar to the file from
the VIA site. The VIA one is a couple releases
later than that one, not that it matters.

And since the driver stops with Win7, I assume
Win8/10 ones are staged on the Microsoft site instead.


Re: Need driver for PCIe SD-PEX63034 Audio card

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Thanks guys.  I will take a look at the sites you suggest.
I am just assuming that a driver re-load might fix my problem, which I
did not describe, but I will.

You see, I like to save off copies of tutorials, and other helps, for
vairous things I use.  Not the least of which are the several Youtube
info-clips for this new Outback I just bought.  Many times, they are
not downloadable for some reason.  Not even with YTD Download.   Or at
least for me.   Leaving me with the alternative using a 'screen
recorder' app.  I have been using Snagit to create an .avi copy of a
clip.  The .avi I now get has fine video, but not audio at all.  I
read somewhere that some audi cards do not readily accommodate cppying
audio, but that one can splice the audi out to the microphione in, to
do this.  So have been doing it.  And it was working fine - still
does, on my XP machine (my old faithful).  But now it does not.  In
fact, now I am sometimes even getting bad mic feedback in the

Of course, a driver update may not fix my problem at all, but I want
to try.

Re: Need driver for PCIe SD-PEX63034 Audio card wrote:
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You should be using "What you hear" or "Stereo Mix" for recording.


If you'd presented this information first ("trying to screen record"),
it might have helped a bit. A natural assumption from your first post,
was you got that sound card second hand, the "package" that comes
with it was missing, and that's why you needed driver references.

Some hardware, it seems users find it next to impossible
to get Stereo Mix going, but I'm just looking at reports
second-hand. I've eventually managed to get Stereo Mix
going on everything here.

For example, the WinXP machine I'm typing on, has Soundmax.
And the Stereo Mix is right out in the open, and ready to go.
You can see it here in a picture.


Re: Need driver for PCIe SD-PEX63034 Audio card wrote on 2016/01/31:

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That is not a driver issue.  Obviously your current driver *is* working
for you to get a network connection for that Syba device because you do
not mention you get no sound when played by, say, Windows Media, VLC,
Windows sound events, etc.  Your problem is that your screen capture
software does not capture audio, too.  I found many screen capture tools
that fail to correctly capture audio, or not capture it at all, or fails
to keep it in sync.  That's the problem when capturing from the screen
instead of capturing the video/audio stream or downloading the file.
With a screen capture, you also capture every hang until the buffer
reloads some more of the stream, any jerkiness in playback, any audio
cutouts, or any artifact you see.  If it happens on the screen then it
gets recorded, too.

What is Outback?  You bought a steak to somehow use in your computer?
If so, what are you going to do with the baked potato and salad?

Screen capture sucks.  Only use that if you are playing local files and
don't run other programs or as a last resort to get some crappy but
somewhat usable copy of the screen.  They are really only good for
recording your own tutorial to build a video file to dole out to others
to watch.  If the site doesn't let you download a video file but instead
streams the content then get software that can capture streamed video.
There are few good ones.  The freebies have disappeared or the survivors
are flaky.  For good stream capture software, you have to buy it.  The 2
best are Jaksta and Applian's Replay Media Capture (a variant of
Jaksta).  Applian also has their Video Capture software to do what you
are doing now but it works a lot better than all the freebies that I
have previously tried; however, sometimes it doesn't quite figure out
the boundaries for the video window and you have to drag the edges if
you want to only record the video content.

If you can play music or other audio files okay then the problem is not
with your video driver.  It is with using crappy software to do screen
captures. Instead get good software to do video stream capture.

So why bother capturing videos from Youtube instead of just noting the
URLs to those videos?  Else, you are stealing their content (assuming it
was even their content to start with).  You are obviously *NOT* copying
only part of their content for fair use.  You are copying the entire
video.  See

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