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Need lan driver windows xp sp3, for a laptop toshiba satellite m100-157.
I have tried the various drivers in toshiba web site, but no one works.


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Did you try this one?

They list nothing newer

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philo wrote:
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The two drivers I could see there, appear to be Intel. So
another place to look for drivers would be - /

Intel has their version, of providing assistance in
identifying what LAN chip is involved.

Instead, I'd take Everest, go to Devices:PCI and get the info
there. You install and run this on the laptop, to get some

For example, if I go to Devices:PCI for my current
computer, then take the entry that corresponds to
my network chip, the value for Device ID is "1106-3065".

Next, I get a copy of pci.ids . This is a text file and
can be saved and opened later with Wordpad.

If I scroll down in the list, I find these two lines
in close proximity.

1106  VIA Technologies, Inc.
    3065  VT6102 [Rhine-II]

So I know my chip is a Rhine-II.

You'd do a similar thing for the Intel chip. Use
Everest, to either get the name directly from the
built-in enumeration, or use the Device ID, to find
the identity in pci.ids.

Then, it is back to the Intel downloadcenter site,
A look in Ethernet Components:Ethernet Controllers,
might find a match for the required driver.


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  Bravo, teach a poster to fish and he will have the answers for
the rest of his life.  ( Now let's see if there are expressions of
gratitude or resentment.)


Re: Need driver

Thanks all, i solved my problem.

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