need advice on proper hardware/software for multiple faxing

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I'm Assembling a list of fax numbers, for a small business project of  info
im sending out. Im anticipating the list to grow up to  100 phone numbers.
(90% or more will be local numbers so long-distance isnt much concern)

I'm hoping to be able find the best method to take the text and graphics
from my computer and be able to input the list of numbers and have it run
off a copy to receiving fax machines. Is there such software that I can do
it all from my computer ? Or will I need to add some hardware or outright
have to buy a specialised fax machine ?

Ideally I'm looking to be able to take a spreadsheet and simply load a fax
program with all the numbers and hit 'send' to all recipients.

Any advice is greatly appreciated

Re: need advice on proper hardware/software for multiple faxing

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Maybe Im not grasping what you are describing but if all you want to
do is fax from a PC almost all modems nowadays have faxing features.

All you have to so is get any document into word or your fax program
and then fax it over your fax modem to anyone with a fax.

Most modems come with some limited version of a fax program but theres
the ever popular WINFAX by symantex etc.  Actually theres some kind of
fax thing built into WIn XP now but Im not sure how it works.

Ive used WINFAX before and its got lots of features to automate
faxing. You can also link things into MS WORD so that any document you
create in WORD can be faxed at a click of a faxing option selection.

By using your PC/modem as a fax machine you can hook up a scanner like
the one I got Canon 3000ex for $49 and scan any docs or just write
them in Excel/WORD/jpegs --- dump them into WORD to create a document
and then hit fax.

With a fax modem and phone connection its free except for long
distance of course just like any call and you dont need a ISP
connection - just like any regular fax. You can however do it over a
cable modem buy you have to pay a fax service unfortunately if you use
the cable modem. I had the impression that the WIN XP built in fax
function used the cable  modem but I maybe wrong.

Re: need advice on proper hardware/software for multiple faxing

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Im looking for a fax program/machine that I can select my document and send
it to a list of multiple recipients. Im not gonna sit there and enter each
number and then send, then repeat 100 times. I want to enter the numbers
into the program and tell it to send a copy to each number. Im sure it may
take awhile if it can only contact one number at a time but it can do that
in the other room during the day. As long as I can set it to go and come
back later and they are all done.

Re: need advice on proper hardware/software for multiple faxing

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Yeah they all do that.  In fact heres the info on the basic one built
into WIN XP it does work with a win modem/external modem. It uses the
windows address book. You just select the document and then select the
people you want to send it to in the address book which you can add or
subtract names obviously and then send.

i had to fax some rebate copies recently and couldnt get it to work
probably because I needed another driver for my fax modem , I was
using a generic one from WIN cause I couldnt find the disk for it.

My guess is this is pretty basic since its built into WIN XP and WIN
FAX PRO is probably far fancier. I used it a year or so ago so I dont
remember the details. After I had to repeatedly reconfigure my system
I never bothered to reinstall it and used a hodge podge of cheesy fax
programs that came with various modems I had.  

Ive seen some sales on WIN FAX PRO once in a while. The avg price is
sort of high $120 or so. I saw it for $39 or so at Surplus Software
which is kind of a suspicious site. Not sure if its legit or not. A
lot of the places are advertising 39-49 after a rebate but you have to
have an older version of WIN FAX pro to qualify for the rebate.  

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