Need advice on overheating

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I have an Antec SP-500 power supply that supposedly only turns on the
secondary fan when neccessary. Yesterday my monitor went black, I felt
the case and it felt quite hot. I rebooted and installed SpedFan to

I got the following

HD0 29C
HD1 28C
Temp3 70C (this fluctatues between 68 and 70) !!!
Temp2 28C
Temp1 35C

Fan Speed
Fan1 0 RPM
Fan2 2813 RPM
Fan3 0 RPM

I am wondering why, if Temp 3 (not even sure where that is) is so
high, why have none of the other fans kicked in? I had the computer
off all night and just turned it on in a 19C room. By the time it
booted up and I could run speeed fan, temp3 was back to 69C even
though the case felt cold.

I tried opening the case and running a desk fan on high as a test but
Temp 3 never went below 68 (all the others dropped quite a bit though)

Could this be a false reading?
I am concerned that something is going to fry.
Thanks for your thoughts in advance.

Re: Need advice on overheating

On Wed, 7 May 2008 06:07:27 -0700 (PDT),

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You have no guarantee what Speedfan is reading.  Check all
other fans for proper operation and that they're free of
excessive dust buildup.  Check the bios hardware
health/monitor page to see if it has temp reports there.

Temps may slowly increase from thermal compound degradation
but this seems more sudden, since the monitor goes out I
would tend to suspect the video card first, although bad
power or bad motherboard might cause it.  You might examine
motherboard for failed capacitors and use a multimeter to
check PSU voltages (and/or check bios hardware reporting
page), swapping in another PSU if no other fault can be
found and the same goes for video card.

If you can determine the CPU is overheating, take the
heatsink off, examine the interface, clean it off and apply
fresh thin layer of thermal compound.  If it uses the
original thermal interface material you may need rubbing
alcohol or a petroleum solvent to cut through the material,
dissolve it to more easily wipe it off.

The temp could be a false reading.  Since you hadn't ran
speedfan previously to have a baseline figure for these
temps, they might not be an accurate indication of anything
and you may have another cause of the problem - whether it
be something overheating or not.

Re: Need advice on overheating

Thanks so much for that very thorough reply. Some of that may be
beyond my capabilities but I will go through as much of that as I am
comfortable with to see what I can do.
Very much appreciated Kony!

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Re: Need advice on overheating

On Wed, 7 May 2008 09:53:40 -0700 (PDT),

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I forgot the more obvious problem - make sure the video card
is seated good in the slot and the monitor cable fully
plugged into it.

Re: Need advice on overheating wrote:
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Re: Need advice on overheating

 on Wed, 07 May 2008 11:55:19 -0400
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Agreed.  My out-of-the-box Speedfan beta 4.34 simply had Temp1, Temp2,
Temp3, Temp4.

Comparing the temp value in "PC Health" in the Phoenix BIOS and the Everest
"computer>sensor" readings and the SF reading, I determined that Temp2 was
the CPU.  (They matched within a coupla degrees).

Then with F2 on the "configure>temperatures" I changed the name of Temp2 to
"CPU core".

(The beta is now the 'production' version on the Almico site)


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Re: Need advice on overheating wrote:

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what are the temps under load this will allow you to determine what the
problem is if there is one. you might want to disconnect one of the hard
drives and see what the temps are. if the temp 3 goes down i would
recommend getting a better power supply.

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