need advice in assembling up a new server

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I have not assembled a new server from the spare parts before and
would like to know if there are articles like the,2817,2325659,00.asp which would guide
me in doing so. The server is a HP ProLiant DL360 G6 Server and a
cursory glance at HP's site does not reveal any tutorial which would
help a total newbie in setting up a server. The manual which came with
the server parts is at best vague.

What are the tools I would need to do so?

Any advice/suggestions in how to proceed would be appreciated.

Re: need advice in assembling up a new server

g_1 wrote:
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As long as everything is secure under the hood, what is there
to worry about ?

I'd probably check the power supply area, and see if it has a
setting for 110V/220V AC, before plugging it in. It could be
the power is autoranging, in which case there'd be no slider to
select the voltage. I'd take the cover off, and make sure nothing
came loose in shipping. Other than that, as long as the interfaces
are labeled (video connector, keyboard, mouse, etc), you should be
looking at a BIOS screen in no time. If there is an optical drive
present, you can boot your OS CD.

If you bought a lot of stuff to add to it, then you'd probably
have a bit more work to do.

The above link you posted, implies you bought this for a home
file server. Do you like the noise of blowers ? Rack mount
systems, due to their dimensions, will tend to use a noisier
cooling solution. If instead, this was intended to be a compute
server, then it was bound to be noisy anyway.


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