need a CPU for around $300-400

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Hello, what would be the best CPU to get?  There are so many CPU
avaliable i dont know what to get.
Main uses, dvd burning, vmware running servers including exchange 2007
64 bit.
I want to try to stay in this price range, so please dont suggest
extreme edition.

AMD opteron 64 165 dual core -$360
intel atx e6400 core 2 duo 2.13 2mb cache 1066fsb lga 775 $319
intel socket 775 pentium d950 3.4ghz 800 mhz fsb 2x2mb cache dual core

Re: need a CPU for around $300-400 wrote:
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You can use the performance charts here. I'd probably pick E6400
or E6600, depending on what currency the "$300-$400" is.


Re: need a CPU for around $300-400


All the charts on Toms are for high end CPU's i will have another look.
 So does everyone think that the Intel Chip would be a better.
I always thought that you got more bang for your buck with AMD??

Re: need a CPU for around $300-400 wrote:
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The world's moved on with the Intel Core 2 Duo.

Re: need a CPU for around $300-400

i see the e6600 on toms but not the AMD chip that i specified, would it
go under a different name?

Re: need a CPU for around $300-400 wrote:
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You can use to get info on the AMD processors.

Opteron 165       S939 1.8GHz dual, 2MB total L2 cache

Athlon64 X2 3800+ S939 2.0GHz dual, 1MB total L2 cache

Athlon64 X2 4200+ S939 2.2GHz dual, 1MB total L2 cache

Athlon64 X2 4400+ S939 2.2GHz dual, 2MB total L2 cache

The difference between the second and third entry, shows
that 200MHz core speed, increases the P.R. from 3800+ to 4200+

The difference between the third and fourth entry, shows
that doubling the cache, increases the P.R from 4200+ to 4400+

Since the Opteron 165 is a 1.8GHz core clock, it loses 400+ of rating
for that. Since the Opteron 165 has double the cache, of the X2 3800+.
it gains 200+ rating points. Therefore, the Opteron 165 is slightly
slower than a 3800+, by that logic. You can use the Tomshardware
listing for 3800+ X2 S939 (DDR memory) and deduct a tiny bit of
performance, for the differences between 165 and 3800+ X2.

If I look here, the X2 3800+ at 2.0GHz, is still being beat by the

The reason people buy the Opteron, is at one time the Opteron had
lots of overclocking headroom. AMD bin the processors, for reliable
server operation, and so there was room to spare. You can check the
private forums, but I think this may have changed with time, so that
the 165 is no longer as big a deal that way. If you are buying the
processor for stock operation, then the value of the processor to
you would be quite different, than if overclocking it.

As far as pricing goes, it is all over the map for the X2 3800+ S939
and the Opteron 165 S939. Not every seller is discounting the things.
For example, my normal supplier in Canada, has kept prices on some
AMD products high, compared to what I could get from a US seller.
It is pretty difficult to say one or the other is a good deal, because
it may change with locality.

By extrapolation from the amdcompare info, the 3800+ is slightly ahead,
and you can do your comparisons on Tomshardware, with that one.

Best guess,

Re: need a CPU for around $300-400

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That all changed recently with Intel's Core 2 Duo CPU's,they're faster and
more energy efficient than AMD. A 6600  can beat AMD's top of the line FX62
at less than half the price.The 6600 goes for about $320(USD),the FX62 for
over $800.

Re: need a CPU for around $300-400

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Ok the 6600 sounds better, thanks for clearing up the model names.
What about overclocking a 6600.  Just been doing some google on people
who have overclocked this processor.  Can that be done easily.  Does it
matter what ram and motherboard you use to do this?  How do you
overclock a CPU?

Re: need a CPU for around $300-400

I'm not really into overclocking,but I have read  many reviews that  put the
eVGA 680i motherboard at the top of the list for overclocking Core 2
CPU's,plus it has SLI if you want to use two vid cards..Overclocking a
processor is done by changing settings in the bios,but do it wrong and you
could damage it.I'd definitely do some studying on the subject before you
try it.A 6600 should give you enough performance that overclocking won't be
necessary for quite some time.
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Re: need a CPU for around $300-400

if i was running a 6600
what would be the best ram and motherboard for the job with a 6600
motherboard with 4 ram slots (2 buses) would be good so i can always
add to it.
AGP needed, onboard sound.

Ram fastest as possible with out paying through the nose.
2 x 1gig sticks- what speed??

(I want to run heaps of VMware machines)

Re: need a CPU for around $300-400

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Take a look at this one:

I'm afraid the choices are limited as far as AGP boards go,PCI-E has
replaced them.I believe ASUS has a similar board.I'd go with 667 DDR2
ram,which is the fastest this board supports.

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