Need 36 pin ram

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i need 36 pin ram to upgrade an old pc

Re: Need 36 pin ram

There are basically two kinds of older RAM. But tere are some important
differences to note as well.

30 pin was used up until the time of 486-33 CPU's These were used in matched
pairs. With the introduction of the higher speed 486's came 72 pin RAM.
These could be used by themselves or in mistmatched sets. As computer speeds
increased, so did BUS structures and then access speed became a factor.
Another item to note is whether or not you need parity chips or non-parity.

If you have a MB manual (or can look one up on the net) you should be able
to get a few more specifics. I may possibly be able to help you with either
30 or 72 pin, but I need to know exactly what you need in terms of
parit/non, speed, size in MB (motherboard mustr support chip size). Simply
inserting a chip or two into an old board may end up in a small smoke show.

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