Myth or Fact: Dead casio comes back alive and starts beeping

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I'm a sucker for weird stories... this weird story always stayed inside my  
head because it's so bizar... today I developed an alternative theory for  
how it might have happened, first the story:

Once upon a time/day, many years ago, somebody, I wont name who, came to my  
door, one of my neighbours.

The women had a metal plate in her head and a fake eyeball as far as I can  
recall, or maybe she just looked weird. (I thought she might have had a car  
crash or tumor and had surgery or something and was slightly out of her mind  
or something :)).

She was steaming mad apperently,

First she accused me of messing with her mailbox down stairs... which was  
weird... I was indeed down there putting a sticker on my own mailbox to  
prevent spam but I didn't do anything to her/their mailbox. I was totally  
confused with her story... but I am not going to discuss that further...  
what I am going to discuss is her second accusation ;) :):

And then she went on and started complaining about an alarm clock that went  
off at 7:30 or so...  everyday day/morning I think she said.

She made the sound as follows: "peep-peep-peep-peep, peep-peep-peep-peep".

I thought "hey... I know that sound, that's the sound that my old casio  
watch makes I still have lieing on my table from my childhood".

The arm bracelet was missing and the battery was long dead as far as I am  

I was thinking to myself... there is no way that my watch would have made  
that sound for multiple days... what the hell is this women talking about...  
is this some kind of trick to try and chat with me or harrass me ? I was  
totally confused... there was no way it could have done that for multiple  
days without me noticing it and even if it did the battery would probably  
have died.

She also had this whacky theory which was kinda funny: "sound goes up" lol.

I was thinking to myself, this women is totally out of it... she's probably  
delirious/crazy... she probably has her man's or child's watch lieing  
somewhere in a closest or something... I couldn't even imagine that sound to  
go through walls and so forth but ok... I was also thinking... maybe she is  
imagining it.. cause she does look like she had some trauma/accident or  
something... maybe it's something ringing in her ear... or her metal plate  
picking up a signal... hell I don't know.

And then I was thinking... the most logic explanation would be: somebody  
else in the building has a casio too... and it's not me/mine.

So I said goodbye to the woman... closed the door... went into my living  
room... checked my casio watch which was still laying there for all these  
years... totally dead as far as I can recall or maybe it wasn't can't really  
remember... I think it was dead though. I could be mistaken though...

But even if it wasn't dead... why would the alarm soundedly go off ? Perhaps  
I forgot I set it ? I don't think so though.

Not even 100% sure who this woman was... but I think I know... and I have no  
reason to believe that this woman was completely delirious... it's not that  

So let's assume for a moment that:

1. The story is true, there was something producing this sound, how could  
she have known I had a casio or something ? She could have made it up but  
let's assume not.

2. It wasn't somebody else... which I do think was the case, but let's  
assume it was coming from my appartment and let's assume I really didn't  
notice. Perhaps it was only one day and she was freaking out... who knows...  
but let's assume again her story was true... multiple days.

3. It was my casio.

Now the question would be:

How can a dead casio watch, digital watch from 1990 or something... how can  
it come back alive ?

Today I developed a small theory for that, one of my favorite ones to  
explain all kinds of electrical weird shit lol:

1. Somehow a GSM or Wireless signal, powered up the casio watch... maybe  
only very briefly... maybe only in the morning... just enough for it to  

It may have powered up the battery... maybe at night who knows...

So this theory is completed whack... don't really believe it myself... but  
it might be possible... so to honor or this crazy lady's story... I post  
this her online... for further research by anybody who is interested in this  
weird/crazy/unbelievable strange story ?!

Are you a Fox Mulder ? Do you love X-Files ? And want do investigate a  
strange/crazy electrical story/myth ?!

Well there ya go...

Now you got a nice new myth to try out:

The myth is this:

1. Wireless signals are capable of powering up old digital casio watches  
from the 1990's in such a way that their alarm clock can start beeping again  

How's that for a HOLYSHIT ?! story ?!

If true... better fully destroy any terminators ?! Don't assume their  
battery will stay dead ! ;) =D

So that's basically my main reason for posting this story !

Terminators coming back alive in the far future because of wireless energy  


  Skybuck =D  

Re: Myth or Fact: Dead casio comes back alive and starts beeping

Skybuck Flying wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Is it solar powered ?

The sound effect you mention, is also an output of some
travel alarm clocks.


Re: Myth or Fact: Dead casio comes back alive and starts beeping

Paul wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it must be a _travel_ alarm for the sound to, er, travel.

Re: Myth or Fact: Dead casio comes back alive and starts beeping

Skybuck Flying wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Is it solar powered ?

Duh ! Ofcourse not !

But good thinking !

If it was it would have been obvious what powered it ! ;)

One of my friends in childhood did have a solar-powered watch.

Nowadays I have a kinetically powered watch... pretty cool ! ;)

The old casio had no form of "alternate-power" like the terminator =D

Just a battery.

Though this new theorie takes that into question ! ;)

I'll write a sentence that may become a famous comment/statement:

"Frankly anything can be powered if you hit it long/hard enough with  
electricity/lightning" LOL.


Re: Myth or Fact: Dead casio comes back alive and starts beeping

Skybuck Flying wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
   It is "HOLYBAT SHITMAN", referring to 1) YOU are BATs, and 2) your  
ravings are SHIT, man.

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