Mysterious HD Error Warning

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To All Cognoscenti, Greetings!

After I inserted my backup drive (Maxtor 6Y160PO, residing in a removable
rack) into the computer and started it up, the machine did an automatic
diskcheck and found no error. When I checked HD HeartBeat, it had a yellow
warning on the backup drive. Under the SMART tab the last item was
highlighted in yellow. The item read:

(128) (unknown attribute)  Current=1 Worst=0 Threshold= 0  Data 859

What's the matter with my HD?


Re: Mysterious HD Error Warning

Andy/Bandi wrote:
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It's going to fail. It hasn't yet, but it will very soon. Clone the
drive. Replace it.

SMART is a failure prediction mechinism implemented in most modern hard
drives. It is seldom wrong. Ignore at your peril.

Re: Mysterious HD Error Warning

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If you already have the replacement drive go directly to cloning.

If as is more likely you don't have the new drive yet, make a backup of your
data, and not on the failing hard drive.

Burn it to CD or DVD, or even email it to your self.

If you have enough space on another drive, make a drive image.

Even if it doesn't fail right away, you still need to get everything backed


Re: Mysterious HD Error Warning

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Will do as suggested. Many thanks, Todd and Paul!


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