My USB ports donít work anymore?

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Hi I use an AMD Duron K7 machine which is about 3 years old - it has 2
mini usb ports neither of which will power my ADSL modem anymore or my
webcam. But funny thing is if I plug in my Agfa scanner Windows
autodetects it and requests software installation - as for the ADSL
modem I know thats not faulty as my Telecom company sent me a new one
and thats the same.

Iíve tried all the suggestion in Windows help including uninstalling
both usb drivers and, Yes Windows puts them back and says the devices
are working properly in Device Manager? I even did a complete fresh
install of XP Pro which didnít make any difference. A friend has
suggested to me that if all else fails I should buy a USB card that
plugs into a spare PCI slot to override my existing usb ports - does
anyone know how much these cost and where I can get one as cheaply as
possible please or/and could there be a piece of software somewhere
out there that might help me resolve my current usb difficulties?

As for my Agfa scanner I donít really know if it would work on the usb
port because although it powers up when plugged into one port,  it
came with Windows 98 software and, I have to go to the website to get
the XP upgrade for it - which would take forever with this 56k modem.

Hope some of you nice people can help me to resolve this problem, any
suggestions and/or advice very gratefully received.

Thank you,

Michael, Liverpool UK

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Re: My USB ports don't work anymore?

I had a similar thing happen just recently to my two front ports.
I've had no known virus or other problem but suddenly they stopped working.
Trying the usual reinstall of my printer etc didn't help so eventually
decided to look in the bios settings.
The two front ones were not enabled!! How could this happen? No-one else has
access to my comp. It's almost like the bios defaulted to "safe" settings by
Anyway,.......... check yours??

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