my usb ports?

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Hi all.
My mobo is here:

Its description says "- 6 USB ports (2.0/1.1) (Rear x 2/ Front x

Can someone please identify on the mobo, exactly where I would connect
the "Front x 4" and what sort of hardware I'd need to use

Thanks for any help.

Re: my usb ports?

download the manual to be sure.

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Re: my usb ports?

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in the Quick Guide they are shown as the two yellow headers just below the PCI
card slot
connectors, at the opposite end of the PCI card slot connectors to the metal
backpanel plates.

Each yellow header is for two USB ports.

The full manual on the same page above shows on Page 2-20
the same thing and shows the usage of the individual pins as well.

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The front panel USB connectors usually come with the case,
tho you can add them later if the case doesnt come with any.

You can also get USB connectors on metal backpanel plates
that connect to those headers on the motherboard as well.
Its important to get the right cable format with those, the
wrong ones can kill a motherboard by blowing off the traces.

Re: my usb ports?

On Tue, 23 Jan 2007 23:37:11 -0000, no@spam.invalid
(cyberdyne) wrote:

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It depends on where you want them accessible on the outside
of the case.  Some dongles are mounted to a  rear slot
bracket, others to ports built into the front of a case, or
to an aftermarket bay panel that has USB, maybe more
features like audio or a card reader built in too.

Usually a full retail motherboard package ships with a rear
bracket dongle like this,
though it might have one dual-integrated pin socket instead
of the two separate sockets.

On your board the two USB pin headers for the "Front x 4"
appear to be just to the left of the southbridge, the two
yellow ones just below the right end of the AGP slot and the
middle PCI slot.

Check your motherboard manual to determine their pinouts,
and compare that to the wiring on the extension cable you
plug into them to confirm it is correct.

Re: my usb ports?

On Tue, 23 Jan 2007 23:37:11 -0000, no@spam.invalid (cyberdyne) wrote:

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On that particular photo, they're the two  SMALL yellow plastic strips
just to the right of the PCI slots.   I'm actually guessing, because I
haven't read the manual, but they're about the right physical size and
shape for it.  If you want to be sure, download the PDF manual for
that motherboard and have a look.

Most of the cases that have built-in USB ports include the cabling and
connectors.   The motherboard manufacturers used to include a slot
cover with two to four USB connectors mounted on it, and cabling (you
don't actually HAVE to have them mounted on the front).  I really
don't know what the official name of this part is, but that's
basically what you need.

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