My system clock is wrong again

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I'm not sure if this is a hardware or software issue.
This is a 2000 computer, running Win98se.  Last year they changed the
Daylight Savings Time (DST).  I installed some download that was
supposed to fix these older computers that were designed to change the
DST on the old date.  That software worked fine when I installed it.
Now it apparently is not working.  I cant even remember what I
installed or if it's still on my drive.  All I know is that when DST
went into effect a few weeks ago, my computer did not change.  Last
night I was online at 2am when I got a message saying it was changing
my clock for DST.  The time was correct (since I set it manually)
until that thing set it an hour ahead last night.  Once again I
manually set it correctly.  This is about the 10th time I had to
change the clock since DST took effect.

My question is how do I disable the automatic time changes.  I want
them disabled entirely.  I'd rather change the time manually, twice a
year, than have to keep fighting with it.  Is this something I do by
changing a jumper on the motherboard, or do I change it on the CMOS,
or is it strictly from Windows (or ALL of the above).  

I got one of these Atomic clock programs installed, and even that
thing was setting the time an hour wrong since the actual time change.
It's not that big a deal having the clock wrong, but I did leave the
house an hour early once because I looked at the computer clock.  More
is the fact it's simply an annoyance that is most irritating.  I have
to manually change all the other clocks in the house, so I may as well
set the computer manually too.

Thanks for all assistance.

Re: My system clock is wrong again wrote:
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I was in the same situation as you. They changed DST in Canada, and I found
out that Microsoft would not be releasing a patch as such, for my Win2K SP4

I found a tool here, which worked just dandy. I entered the time zone
information manually, using "tzedit.exe", and the amazing thing is, it
has worked without a hitch, since doing it. The time changed just as it
is supposed to. (executable here) (instructions)

The executable I have on disk here (when I originally got it), is 41,984 bytes,
and has an MD5SUM of ec7bb331aba6f26372a6a1ab8b2430b1. I didn't keep any
notes from my adventure, but only took note of the location
(I change the downloaded filename, to include the source node).

Since it worked for me, I no longer fear time zones :-)

Tzedit is also mentioned in this KB article. This one is also
a different file size, just to make things interesting. It is dated 1999.

Microsoft also made the information available as a raw registry change,
which boggles the mind. The above tool is much easier to deal with.

Have fun,

Re: My system clock is wrong again

On Apr 6, 11:59 pm, wrote:
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Try this

Scroll down to
"Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 Daylight Saving Time Fix"

Download, and then set your clock.

Re: My system clock is wrong again

On Sun, 06 Apr 2008 22:59:55 -0500,

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There is something for 98SE

It is a registry insert of the new time changes.
I do not know where it is on the net but I downloaded it and
used it and it cured the problem.  It is a "dot"reg file.  I
think mine was called "W98NewTimeZones.reg"

I had downloaded others that did not solve the problem.

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