My review of Plextor PX-EH40L NAS external hard disk

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I have recently bought a Plextor PX-EH40L external hard disk, and here
are my impressions after a couple of days of use:

The drive was extremely easy to install. Absolute no configuration
required, and the default setup was descent. The web based
configuration interface is confusing, but it works.

I do however have these issues:

I am from Denmark, and thus I have Danish characters in some of my file
names. The Plextor seems to be configured to use and old Extended ASCII
table (the one found at the bottom of /),
and here the character (that's ø) is not represented. I my
opinion it would be much better to use ISO 8859-1
( ), since that would cover most
of the Western worlds' languages. All my documents have now been
renamed with o in stead of. I have mailed Plextor support for a
possible fix, but I doubt that it's something they can change.

The drive does not support the Windows file attributes, i.e. archive,
read-only, hidden and system. The has a few disadvantages: I cannot
make a backup plan based on the archive attributed. I cannot customize
folders using desktop.ini files. Thumbs.db files are not hidden.

The drive does not support Windows access control lists. This is
however not something that I would have expected.

I could not restrict access to part of the drive while allowing
anonymous access to other parts of it. I guess that the developers
forgot this setup. (I might be possible to trick it by created a used
called guest that has no password. I have not tried that.)

The drive seems very slow if more than one computer is accessing it. I
have not made any benchmark tests, so the drive might be just as fast
as any other drive accessed over a network.

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