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Pentium 150 MHz cpu
2MB on board graphics
1.5 GB hard drive
8X cdrom

Try and top that! ; )

Re: My pc wrote:
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Let me guess, you want to put XP on it.

Re: My pc

Pentium 75 mhz
16 mb EDO RAM
1 mb SIS PCI graphics card
1 gb hdd
22X CD-ROM (when it works)

Not only that, I've got 25 mb of disk space left and can't print.

I'm not in a topping mood.
Jan Alter
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Re: My pc

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I've got you all beat.

I have a 386  40mhz  with 16 megs of ram  running win95.
Did it as an experiment.  I copied a trimmed down installtion to a 40 meg
just to see if i could do it.
It actually works fine...I just had to set the swap file to a permanent 2
or else the HD would fill up.

But I can even beat that...
I have a Zenith Data Systems 286 that I put a memory expansion board in and
it's got 16 megs of RAM.
That's the maximum a 286 can address.
Back in those days...even 1 meg of RAM was a lot...and quite expensive.
The it now sits...would have been worth many thousands of
BTW: It also has *two* 20meg harddrives.
It runs dos, Windows1, Windows2, Windows3.0 and Windows3.1

I can even put it on the internet using the dos browser Arachne!

Re: My pc

philo wrote:
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 My Commodore 64 will put you all to shame.

Re: My pc

John wrote:
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If only I had my VIC-20 to up (lower) the ante.  I was young, and I
thought Captain Kirk would know his computing hardware.

The screen was so lame (22 characters x 23 lines) that it was bulky to
program a prompt to say, "Press any key to continue..."

Hit any key...

Re: My pc

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My first computing device more powerful than a hand calculator,
was the Timex-Sinclair ZX-81. The picture here, shows the
computer with its optional 16KB DRAM module plugged into the
back. The included keyboard was the chiclet type, and you cannot
press on the keys too hard if you expect the keyboard to last.
Mine still works :-)

The base device contains 2KB of RAM. With the 16KB DRAM
upgrade, you could play chess. It connected to your TV set, and
had a pretty low resolution. Programming was in Basic. I wrote one
racing game, which was a "scroller" and your race car had to stay
between two lane markers on either side of the road. A random
number generator, would but "objects" in the middle of the road
at random. As the game progressed, the density of blocks increased,
until you crashed. The trick to the game, was to drive through
gaps in the lane markers on the side of the road, and head out into
open country, as my collision detection code really sucked :-)

This is the circuit board inside, sporting a Zilog Z80 8-bit processor.

To store the programs, you connected a cassette recorder to the
audio jacks on the computer. The 16KB chess program took 15
minutes to load from its cassette tape, and for a good game
of chess, the mid-game moves took 30 minutes to compute each.

The screen display was painted in real time, by the processor.
While the screen was running, about 25% of the CPU was available
to run the BASIC interpreter. You could select a mode where
the screen would remain blank, and that mode was very useful
when playing chess.

And the base computer only cost $70.


Re: My pc

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I've got those beat.

Sitting on my desk is a Tandy Color Computer 3 (circa 1985)
CM8 Color monitor
512K Ram (that was a lot back then)
two DSDD 40track 720K 3.5 inch floppy drives (added in 1990)
Microware OS-9 Level II Operating system
(pre-ansi) C compiler

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You win there, the only way it will ever internet is by connecting to a modern
pc as a terminal.

Re: My pc

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*sigh* I miss my ol' Coco... Really started programming back then on my
Level1 - 4k, cassette tape.

After a couple days I swapped it for a 16k with Extended BASIC! That was the
bomb! After loading my assembler (CCEAD) I had enough memory left for about
2k of source code.

TextMaster... that was my baby, and I actually made a couple of grand from
it as well.

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