My new PC :)

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Hiya :)

Here is my choice for new computer I am building.
What is your opinion on this particular configuration, pls:

- MotherBoard:
Gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra-9, s939, nF4

- CPU:
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Box S 939

- Graph
Club3D ATI Radeon X800RX, 256MB, PCI-e, TV+DVi

- Tower:
Chieftec DX-01BL-D 360W

- RAM at least 1GB, DDR 400

- HDD SATA 7200 8MB, above 160GB

- Burner:

thank you all!


Re: My new PC :)

really depends what you want to use it for

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Re: My new PC :)

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Of course.

I will be using it for design, animation and for video editing once in
a while...
....and for gameZ, as my kid says.

Re: My new PC :)

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Yeah seems like a very nice system.

Of course theres the other aspect price to performance ratio. It
obviously depends on what you paid for what you got - how good the
deal is. And theres the factor of what your needs are. If only want to
do word processing and surf the net then its overkill.  If you want to
play games its a nice system. If you want to do lots of video editing
and heavy multitasking then maybe a dual core chip maybe slightly

The PS watt rating is slightly on the lower side then the usual 400
watts nowadays but according to the calculation if they are generally
accurate then its below the rating of your PS. Not familair with that
PS so I cant comment whether its decent or not.

Re: My new PC :)

Hey :)

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I usually have several applications opened (photoshop, DWW, open
office, flash, acdsee etc... and of course AV, firewall etc...) at the
same time so lots of RAM and fast CPU is mandatory.

And, of course, my kid loves to shoot those cyber creatures in fresh
3D games, so openGL 2.0 support is a must.

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Tnx m8!



Re: My new PC :)

Adams S. wrote:
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This is basicaly the same system as everybody else buys.
s939 motherboard with a 3500+ CPU, Ati x800 or nVidia 6800 graphics card.

Yes it works
Yes it is good
Yes you could have found that on Google

Re: My new PC :)

"Marc" <Marc*dot*hulsebosch*at*gmail*dot*com> wrote in message
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He was asking for opinions from people on *this* newsgroup.
Do you really think google would have been better to do exactly
that ?

Re: My new PC :)

On Mon, 31 Oct 2005 06:25:12 +0200, "jona"

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Yes, because these are common parts and there are thousands
of systems bought every day.  We can't very well field all
"should I buy these parts" types of questions.  That is
mostly a personal choice and based upon buyer's budget.

Just like anyone else the OP could Google for info about the
board, video, etc, etc.

However I will mention one obvious problem, that the 360W
PSU is probably not sufficient for the parts, lacking on
it's 12V rail.

Re: My new PC :)

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I think you missed my point. Perhaps the OP wished to hear
the opinions of the people who frequent this ng as opposed
to arbitrary reports scattered all over the internet. There are
a number of posters here who's opinion I'd value more than
"just any old opinion".  Yours included.

If the OP was looking the the location of a bios update (for
instance), I'd say the "you could have found that on Google"
remark was justified.

Re: My new PC :)

I'd suggest a larger power supply,vid cards now are pretty demanding.And
with the price drops AMD are making,you might consider moving up to a 3800+
or 4000 if you want to avoid upgrading for as long as possible.
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