My monitor keeps turning 'off'

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hi i got a Mitac 15EX6 monitor but the screen keeps going blank there
still power in the monitor as the green light still on if i press the
on/off switch  the screen will come on for about 3 sec then back to
that blank screen just see if any body could help me sort this out hanks

Re: My monitor keeps turning 'off' wrote:
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In the back of an LCD monitor, there is a fluorescent backlight and
an inverter power supply. The inverter converts 12VDC from the monitor's
main source of power, into 1000VAC to run the cold cathode fluorescent
lamp. One of those two components is not working right, and it
is likely the inverter that is failing to power the lamp.

Some typical disassembly procedures are here.

The first time you take it apart, you can check to see if all
connections are tight. Sometimes, you can get a little more
life from your monitor, by removing the lamp connectors, and
inverter connectors, and reseating the connectors again.
Sometimes, the problem is just a dirty or bad connection.
Otherwise, if could be that something needs to be replaced.
The CCFL lamps have a life of 15000-20000 hours, and it is
more likely to be the inverter that is bad, than the lamps
themselves. (If the light was gradually getting dimmer each
week you were using the monitor, then you might suspect the
lamp was bad. But your symptoms seem more like an inverter
overloading and shutting down.)

And no, I've never repaired one myself. The info above is just
stuff I've read off web pages.


Re: My monitor keeps turning 'off'

hi thanks for your help so far

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