My Computer won't turn on?

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Why won't it turn on? I have a HP desktop (DC7100c) and I turned it off
night and now it won't turn on. There is a green LED light on the
that blinks approximately twice every second. I've tried
jumping the PSU (Power
Supply Unit) and the fan turned on.. Hmm.. So the
Motherboard is on, blinking
green, and the power supply works but I
still can't get it to boot?? I also
removed the CMOS battery and tried
again, but no luck.. I don't see any blown
capacitators on the
motherboard either, i'm really confused.

Re: My Computer won't turn on?

AdrianCarter wrote:
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I'd use the CMOS jumper to reset the board
rather than simply removing the battery.

It can take a long time for the charge to drain off

Re: My Computer won't turn on?

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There are different voltage circuits in a PS; 12v, 5v, 3v. It is not unusual
for only part of a PS to breakdown while other portions remain operative.
That is why you could be seeing a lit up LED but no other circuit starting.
On the other hand the problem could be a peripheral that is shorting. So,
unplug CD-ROM, HDD, floppy (if you have one) and try starting the computer
again. If it doesn't start chances are that it is the PS. Do also check the
capacitors on the mb to see that there is no liquid residue on their tops or
around them.
   Additionally some folks will tell you that guessing is no way to try to
fix a problem and will tell you to test the PS with a  multimeter. You can
be the decider for that yourself.

Jan Alter

Re: My Computer won't turn on?

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How old is the CMOS battery? I didn't believe it until it affected one of my
pcs, but on some systems a low voltage on the CMOS battery will prevent the
PC from starting up. So try replacing the CMOS battery.

Failing that, do you have a spare power supply you could borrow from
somewhere and try that?
Brian Cryer

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