My computer won't boot up

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Well. I turned on my computer today, and it starts, makes that fan
noise and then the fan dies down to a whisper and everything goes
fine. Or, atleast that should happen.

I booted it up, and the fan made its noise, but stayed at that high
level. I get no image on the monitor, it claims its off (the orange
light, not green). The computer makes the same noise. I've tried
removing the plug, and starting up. I wait 10 minutes, let the system
rest. I try again, same thing. I try again, same thing.

What could be the problem? Should I just wait longer for it to cool?

I have two projects due monday, and they're saved on the computer. I
might throw the computer out the window if it breaks on me, I have all
my work saved on it. I have some files backed up, but not all that i
need. This is an emergency. Thanks!

Re: My computer won't boot up

Might I add that if i try the cd drive, it works, like it opens.

Re: My computer won't boot up

Its barely starting would do as it is even without any CPU , Mem
,Graphic card.

It could be anything ..maybe v. small, that's failed & is stopping the
machine from starting.
Get Motherboard Manual or Goggle around to find out how to clear the CMOS.
So the machines BIOS goes back to its default.
Where you overclocking ??

Open the case to see if the Graphics card Fan is working .
Unplug every USB & PCI unit beside the Graphic can ..
Can you hear if the Hard Disc is giving a little start up whir ?.
Do you have other Graphics cards you can try instead..
You have got to substitute alternatives to find where the fault is..
Take out all the RAM & then  try each stick on its own.
(")_(")  Mouse.

Re: My computer won't boot up wrote:

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Its clearly not starting properly anymore for some reason.

The reason the fan noise remains on full speed is because what is
normally loaded to slow it down once it starts isnt being loaded anymore.

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It can be a lot of things that produces that result. It could be a
bad power supply that no longer puts up all the rails properly,
or which doesnt put up POWER_GOOD anymore. Thats the
easiest thing to try to swap if you dont have a multimeter to
measure the power supply outputs or dont know how to use one.

It could be that the motherboard has died.

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Its unlikely to help.

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I've never actually seen that done, if you do that, please videotape it and put
it on utube etc.

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It would be worth trying a new power supply, but that may not fix the problem.

Re: My computer won't boot up

Either the power supply unit or more likely the motherboard has died.

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Re: My computer won't boot up

On Mar 10, 1:33 am, wrote:
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You can try this : Turn off everything and pull out the
mains plug. Remove the CMOS battery and leave the BIOS
jumper in the CLEAR position for half an hour or more. Then
set the jumper in the normal position and reinsert the battery.

Normally it takes just a few seconds to clear the BIOS, but I
had two recent cases where the computers exhibited symptoms
like yours, and wouldn't even show a POST screen until I did
what I suggest. I'd begun to suspect that either the mobo or
the CPU had died.

I've come across this problem only once before, and that was a
couple of years ago. Then two of them on the same day last
week, from two different owners.

Note: I left the first computer with the CMOS jumper in the
CLEAR position, worked on something else, and tried it after
slightly over half an hour. Everything was back to normal.

With the second computer, I turned it on after clearing the
BIOS for about 15 minutes, and it still wouldn't POST. I left
it again in the CLEAR position for about 40 mins and it was OK.

Re: My computer won't boot up

If you still can't get the computer running, most likely the hard drive is
fine.  As a temporary fix, you could pull the hard drive out and install it
into another computer to get your work done.

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