my computer will not turn on helppppppppppp

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well im pretty sure this goes here.

To start off my computer stopped working a couple months ago; it just
turned off and i heard something fry in the computer. At first i
thought my power supply burned out but i tested it on another computer
it worked and i tested my cd drive, graphic card etc. Then i tested my
motherboard and it didnt work so i figure i blew that. I went an
bought myself an MSI motherboard that supports basically everything
that my old mobo could do. I went home and i began working on it. I
set up everything (cpu,cooling fan, ram, graphic card etc.) Then i set
up all the wires into it from the power and reset button and the power
supply cords. I hooked up cd drive/harddrive as well. Still not having
hooked up my monitor and computer accessories
(mouse,keyboard,headphones etc), I plug in the power cord for the
power supply. To my delight it turns on and everything is running. I
turn it off and set it up on my computer desk now hooking up my
keyboard, mouse monitor and what not. Then when i tried to turn it on
it fails to turn on. I try to keep turning it on but it doesnt work. I
dont know whats wrong....

someone please help ):

Re: my computer will not turn on helppppppppppp

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taking a wild guess I would say it has something to do with your
mouse,keyboard,monitor and what not.............but I could be
wrong...........try replacing these starting with the cheapest part.

when you do get it sorted you may have to do an OS repair or even a
reinstall as I did when I changed my MOBO.

Re: my computer will not turn on helppppppppppp wrote:
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Are you saying that everything worked somewhere else and the only
difference is that you moved it to your computer desk? If this is the
case I would investigate to see  if there is something wrong with you
power outlet where you computer desk is.

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