My computer is not turning on help?

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I have a desktop computer dont remeber what brand. For a while it would
randomly turn off by itself  when ever it wanted and run real slow and i
just have to turn it back on. A couple weeks ago it turned off
again and now it
wont turn back on everything is plugged in. Im not sure
whats wrong with it and
why its not turning on no matter what i do, but
i know pretty much nothing about
computers.........what do i do?

Re: My computer is not turning on help?

Pity you didn't give a little more clues as to how old it is, and the
make if at all possible.

If the fans aren't running, that is it appears completely dead the
first thing I would go for would be to try swapping the power supply
unit first of all going from the information you have given.

It could well be the bios back up battery, but I would not like to
suggest this at this stage because if this battery is removed for more
than two minutes or so, you will have to do a bios set up once the
machine is up and running... don't let this scare you it's easy really.

The first obective is to get the machine powering up and booting the
bios properly called POST (Power On Self Test), this is the bios doind a
self check before handing control over to the CPU and hard drive, you
usually get a single bleep telling you it's OK and raring to go.


Re: My computer is not turning on help?

On 05/08/2010 10:23 PM, christinaxscenekid wrote:
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Since you know nothing about computers

there is nothing you can do to fix it...
so take it to a repair shop


Re: My computer is not turning on help?

christinaxscenekid wrote:
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Try another power supply, preferrably without buying one.  Then if the
computer still shuts down, the problem is likely with the motherboard.

You can do a rough test of a power supply with a paperclip.  Disconect
it from the motherboard (there may be two connectors, a big one with
at least 20 pins and a much smaller one), and insert the paperclip
into the socket holes for the green wire and any black wire.  If the
power supply doesn't start, then it's probably bad (but some PSUs
won't turn on unless they're loaded down sufficiently).  Here's a
YouTube video of the procedure:

If your PSU does start, it could still be bad because of rotten
capacitors, which will make it weak. has lots of
information about this problem, which affects not only PSUs but also

Choose any computer repair shop carefully because some are really bad
or charge just way too much, even as much as what a whole desktop
costs.  Geek Squad is famous for bad repairs and high prices.
Frankly, desktop computers are so simple that hardware repairs should
be DIY.

Re: My computer is not turning on help?

On 5/9/2010 11:23, christinaxscenekid wrote:
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Unplug all USB stuff and unplug all PCI/PCIe cards except keyboard and
display card, then try again!

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Re: My computer is not turning on help?

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Had an identical problem with an old Dell PC recently.   Appeared to be
totally dead other than a small flashing LED.   The answer, found in the
Dell manual, was to take out and then put back the memory modules.   It has
worked perfectly ever since.   Might help.

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