My computer doesn't boots up!!

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am using windows 2000 professional. with 2.8 Ghz processor and 256

while I was working with my PC, It hanged up suddenly . even ctrl Alt
Del also not working. I simply restated my system .

now i couldn't see my bios screen and it hangs up nothing is appearing
in my monitor it looks like as though no CPU connected to monitor.

when ever I press power on button the CDplayer light glows after that
HD light glows and no response. mean while nothing is appearing my
screen not even BIOS screen.

Thanks in Advance .

Re: My computer doesn't boots up!!

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CPU is NOT connected to the monitor :)

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look as if BIOS had crashed, try CLEAR CMOS (look into motherboard manual)
or just remove the battery on the motherboard
if won't help u the the only solution is to go to the service with the pc...


your CPU had burned / crashed / f*cked :) try repleacing with one borrowed
from a friend...

if u have no idea what i am talking about just take the pc to the serice :)

Re: My computer doesn't boots up!!

On Fri, 22 Apr 2005 14:27:55 +0000, (bm_suri) wrote:

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A bit more info might be a good idea, like specifics of CPU,
motherboard, video, hard drives and make/model of power

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Most likely this is the typical "failure to POST" problem,
which can have a variety of causes but may be greatly
limited considering that system previously worked fine and
was even running at the time.

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Sudden faults of this type are "usually" due to power supply
or motherboard failure.  Examine the motherboard for
vented/domed/swollen/leaky capacitors, and take voltage
readings with a multimeter.

Check whether fans are spinning.

Re: My computer doesn't boots up!!

I had a similar problem, turned out to be the PSU...  The fan took a
dump, the whole thing overheated, and eventually the 5v side fried
itself...  The magic smoke was in fact released...

I read an article that claims the best power supplies are the heaviest
power supplies...  Makes sense, heavier coils, heavier heatsinks,

Another time, though, I had the same non-booting problem when a ddr
stick was never secured properly... It was in far enough to make
contact, then popped out in the middle of running...  Took me 4 hours
to figure it out, and then it was inadvertantly...

Re: My computer doesn't boots up!!

On Mon, 25 Apr 2005 15:30:49 +0000 If I have seen farther it is
because I have stood on the shoulder of giants (rivalarrival) wrote

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I've had a few of these over the years especially around now a couple
of times and just happened(spring here).It's can be just a ,"Spring
clean" needed.I've just cleaned all my PCI/AGP cards and slots and the
RAM edge connectors with,"Servisol" isopropanol electrical switch
cleaner and soft tissue(bog-roll).Also blown and brushed out all the
dust and junk that accumulates on the Fans etc.
Boots perfect again :P

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