Mushkin XP3-16000 DDR3 and ASUS P6T deluxe V2 motherboard

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Hi, I plan to build a system with an ASUS P6T deluxe V2 motherboard
(core i7 cpu) and install 6Gig of Mushkin XP3-16000 DDR3 memory. But I
just want to be sure that this memory will be stable with the P6T

I didn't find any datasheet for the XP3-16000 on mushkin's web site
and this memory is not in the the qualified vendors list of the ASUS
P6T manual so I really need to know if this memory works well with the

Mushkin XP3-16000 specs:

998731 (3x2GB) XP3-16000    Triple Channel Memory Kit

Frequency:    2000MHz    Latency:    8-9-8-24    Parity:    Unbuffered
        Voltage:    1.65V    Pins:    240
Density    > > >     Module:    256x64    Chip:    128x8

In the ASUS P6T manual, there's many important things to take into
consideration for compatibility & stability:

- According to intel spec definition, DIMMS with voltage requirement
over 1.65V may damage the CPU permanently. We recommand you install
DIMMs with the voltage requirement below 1.65V

 The mushkin memory voltage it 1.65V but I saw that many memory
modules in the qualified vendor list are 1.65V. So I guess the mushkin
would be ok, or should I go with memory using less than 1.65V?

- This motherboard does not support DIMMs made up of 256 megabit (Mb)
chips or less

 I'm not sure where to find it in the Mushkin spec, is it 128x8? so
1024 Megabit?

- The memory must be unbuffered and non-ECC

 At this price I guess that the Mushkin memory is non-ECC (I didn't
find the information). I'm I right?

Anyone used this memory with the P6T? or know if they work well
together? Any comments or even suggestions would be greatly
appreciated. Even a better memory choice could be useful. But I really
like Mushkin and always used it.

I also have some questions concerning other Mushkin memories:

At first I was going to buy the XP3-15000 memory which is cheaper but
it works at a maximum of 1866 Mhz, the XP3-16000 works at 2000 Mhz.
Will it make a noticiable difference?

I also considered the REDLINE XP3-15000 which is a lot more expensive
(100$ more) but has a better latency 7-7-6-20 (but it's 1866Mhz). If
money is not really a problem, will this memory modules make a big
difference? or would I throw my money away? And I'm confused is it
better to have a latency of 8-9-8-24 (at 2000Mhz) or 7-7-6-20 (at

Thanks in advance

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