Multiple recorders problem

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there is a problem with multiple recording on machine with 6 X NEC
ND3520-A  ATA recorders. 3 pcs are connected to onboard IDE controllers
and others on additional CMD PCI controller.

OS is WIndows XP professioanl.s

Problem is that recording failes on 4 of 5 recorders when recording is
on CD. When recording is on DVD or some Traxdata CD media everything is
OK. Software is Nero and otherwise works good. I tried all
settings in Nero, reinstalling Windows ASPI and i tried in other types
of Windows (98).

Report message is 'write error' for any recorder in report list.

Some people told me that CD manufacturing factory is important. Due to
the fact that my country is, because of local dealers, good target for
third class products i think that media can be reason for these

Is there any software that can manage writing to avoid those errors ?



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