Multiple RAM chips on a single controller slot

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Hi, this is a very simple (and possibly stupid) yes-or-no question, but I=

haven't been able to come up with Google query to answer it:

I have a motherboard with 2 x 2GB DDR2 slots, but only 4 1GB DDR2 chips l=
over right now. Is there a device that can connect multiple memory chips =
to a
single memory slot on the board, in effect combining them into a "virtual=
larger one?

Thanks for indulging me.

AOL:  313125838 / cburschka

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Re: Multiple RAM chips on a single controller slot

Christoph Burschka wrote:

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Isn't that what memory modules are for, to combine memory chips onto a
single circuit board that can be plugged into one of those slots?

I've seen circuit boards with multiple SIMM or maybe DIMM sockets to
allow multiple memory modules to be plugged into a single memory slot
or bus slot, but I don't think they're at all practical with modern

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