Multiple PCI bus motherboard

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I have 4 PCI image capture cards that run at 60 frames/second, so only
two can go on any one PCI  bus. We put 4 in one computer by using an
Intel Server Motherboard with a dual PCI bus, but that was 7 years ago,
and now that motherboard is toast. I need to get this system up and
running again quickly. Does anyone know of a motherboard with more than
one PCI bus that is readily available?


Re: Multiple PCI bus motherboard

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This page suggests you won't find systems with two PCI busses,
but may find products with a PCI bus and a PCI-X bus.

One Southbridge chip which supports two busses, is the 6300ESB.
It would be found on some Intel processor based boards. (There
are certainly a ton of server boards that would do the job, but
would be even more obscure than the following suggestion.)

This board NCCH-DL, uses Xeon processors, and has
(2) 3.3V/64-bit/66MHz/PCI-X slots
(2) 5.0V/32-bit/33MHz/PCI slots

It is 12"x9.8" so close to ATX sized:

You would need a Xeon processor, _unbuffered_ DDR memory with
or without ECC (not registered memory), an AGP video card (not
a 3.3V only video card - something AGP 8X rated is safe).

Supported processors (yes, you will need a comp-sci degree to
figure out what to buy):

Driver downloads and manuals can be found here (enter mobo name)

User manual:

Other details:

Best place to learn about this motherboard: (a search for NCCH-DL)

Note that, once you enter the "t=52272" official NCCH-DL thread,
you can use the "Search This Thread" menu item to search within
the thread.

For example, this item suggests checking the edge of your PCI capture
card, to see if it is a 5V only, or a universal 3.3V/5V card. If the
PCI cards are 5V only, they won't fit in the PCI-X slot. And that
would force you to look for a true dual-PCI based motherboard, which
might be harder to find.

There is a large picture here:

Notice how there is a plastic "Key" near the faceplate end
of the PCI-X slot. I think that is the 3.3V key, and your
32 bit PCI card would need a slot cut to match that key.
If your PCI card is 5V only, it would have a slot
cut nearer the other end of the 32 bit section. Just like
there is a 5V key on the 32 bit slot... The 32 bit PCI
slot will accept a 5V only card or it would accept a
universal 3.3V/5V card (because that type would have both
slots cut), but would not take a 3.3V only card as far as I can

Anyway, I think you'll have a full day ahead of you :-)

Good luck,

Re: Multiple PCI bus motherboard

(Paul) wrote:

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I think the edge card on this PCI card is 5V only:

This card is a universal 3.3V/5V with the two slots cut:

Compare those two images to your PCI cards and maybe you
can figure out what you've got. Life will be much
easier for you, if both slots are cut.


Re: Multiple PCI bus motherboard

I have only the back slot cut. Looks like I would only be able to use 2
of the PCI slots on this board.

The original was an Intel Server board, but those seem to strictly
order-only. I'm trying to see if I can find something more standard.
That first link you gave me, by the way, was a great help.

I'm trying to find something workstation-level that has 2 PCI 33mhz
slots and 2 PCI-X PCI slots, but thanks for pointing out the power
issue, since I might have fallen into that trap.

I just program the computers. I don't normally build them.  :-)

Re: Multiple PCI bus motherboard

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Directron seems to sell server motherboards.

Take a look at the Intel
SE7525GP2 or SE7525RP2

Re: Multiple PCI bus motherboard

TBass wrote:
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 How about one card that has 4 video inputs? I have one that is not 60 FPS
but I think there might be what you need available.
Ask here


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