Multiple Barcode Scanners Connected To A Single Computer

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I'm hoping someone can provide me some assistance, or point me in the
right direction. We are looking for a software solution that includes
having multiple barcode scanners connected to a single computer. The
purpose will be to mass process people through a checkpoint.

The problem we are having is being able to identify which data came
from which port. We are just at the beginning of the development stage
now, and just started doing some test. The solution we are looking at
is hooking multiple, up to 8, barcode scanners to a single USB hub. We
will be scanning the data into an Access database. Right now, we do
not know of a way to identify which port the data is coming from, or
to process a single entry and "interrupt" the other ports, then
process the next chunk of data.

An additional issue from the requirements, four of the ports would be
to check in and four would be to check out, so we really need to be
able to tell which port sent the data. If we can't resolve this part,
we will probably have to go with two computers, though we are still
looking for a single computer solution.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.


Re: Multiple Barcode Scanners Connected To A Single Computer

I believe the barcode scanner vendor will be able to point you to their
software development kit that should explain how everything comes
together.  You can try web sites of HHP and Symbol to see if you may
find anything there.

Honestly, I haven't done anything with wired barcode scanner
(stationary or handheld). All I have done are for wireless handheld
barcode scanner. Therefore, I am not sure what the differences are.

If there are a lot of people moving in and out, I can expect to see
that the barcode scanning will become the chuck point that creates
delay. You may want to look into something like an access card like
those in mass transit system or a RF tag that can become active and
send signal when the tag passes through a RF-gate or something (similar
to what is being used in EZPass system in highway in NYC/NJ/CT area or
so I think). I was checking on and off on the use of RF tags; but each
tag is still too expensive for our use; but this may be OK to your

Jay Chan

Scott wrote:
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Re: Multiple Barcode Scanners Connected To A Single Computer

I will check into the information you provided. We have considered
something similar to the RF tags/EZPass systems, but right now we
already have ID cards with barcodes, magnetic strips, and a microchip,
and our customer was wanting to stick with those. I was actually
pushing towards biometrics, so as not to have to carry anything extra,
but was not able to get any get enough interest in that.

I have not personally used any of the RF tags or EZPass systems, but
have discussed it with some that have. Seem like a nice setup. Only
problem I see with these is if you get to where you are carrying
multiple ones around. Of course, they'll get smaller, and combined
into one eventually...

Thanks for the info,
Scott Morrison

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