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  I am building a dual core system with a MS-7125 board and a AMD 3800
dual core CPU. My question about the power going to the board. I
already have the 20 pin connector and the 4 pin connector attached.
But the board has a 4 pin JPW1 connector that says it provides power
to the CPU. I am looking for an answer if I need to use this or not. I
am worried about cooking the board. If so what lead off the PSU should
I use? I only have 2 4 prong leads remaining and they say P4 on them.
I have never built a dual core system before. I am familiar with just
the 20 and four pin connectors that are needed. Anyones help would be



Re: MSI MS-7125

I also have 2 PCI 4 prong connector's.

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Re: MSI MS-7125

ComStat wrote:
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There are a couple connectors, and the terminology can be confusing.

What you've connected so far, is typically called the "20+4" main connector.

The original ATX main power connector was 20 pins. For PCI Express, they
added four more. The power supply companies, to try to keep all parties
happy, made the extra four pins on the end of the main connector,
detachable. So, when plugged to a PCI Express, you use the 20+4, and when
plugged to an older board, you can use just the 20 pin section, and leave
the little 4 pin section detached.

Your motherboard has a 24 pin main power connector. Therefore, the extra
four pins are to remain attached to the main connector. The little
four pin section on the end of the connector, should have four different
color wires on it. (So you don't confuse it with any others.)

The other connector on your board is JPW1. It is the ATX12V 2x2 square
connector, and it powers the processor. On properly designed motherboards,
the 12V on the 2x2 connector is separated from the main 24 pin connector.
What that means, is your processor cannot run, with only the main 24 pin
connector connected. You need JPW1 connected.

The ATX12V 2x2 connector has two yellow wires (+12V) and two black wires (GND).
Just so you know you have the right connector for JPW1.

If you were to try the board, without ATX12V connected, there should be
no harm to the board. It simply won't POST without that connected.

Also, if you happened to have only a 20 pin main power connector on
your power supply, you could still use it with your 24 pin motherboard
power connector. The extra four pins on the 24 pin version, only get
a good workout on an SLI motherboard. On a motherboard with a single
video card, at the current time, there is no pressing need for the
extra four pins. The extra four pins are redundant, and the wires are
copies of other wires already in the connector. The extra pins are
there to carry more current. But unless you have an SLI or a Crossfire
configuration, not enough current is drawn to need the extra four pins.
But since it sounds like your supply has a 20+4 pin connector, so much
the better, use the whole thing.


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