MSI KT8 Neo & 3 DDR400 dimms

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I have the mb mentioned in the subject. Everything is running fine with 2
dimms (512MB DDR400 2.5) but when I add a third, memory bus drops to 100MHz
(so the effective speed is 200 MHz -> DDR200). Setting the memory timing
manually / AUTO in bios has no effect.

I have confirmed that the machine is slower by running several benchmarks
(drop in scores 15-25%!).

Is the some limit when using 3 dimms with this motherboard or chipset, or
what's the matter?

I'm using the newest bios and VIA 4in1 drivers.

Re: MSI KT8 Neo & 3 DDR400 dimms

msgs wrote:
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The CPU can't drive the capacitance of the 3 x 400 modules. Many
motherboard makers warn of this but few do it in LARGE print. Almost all
say that if you want to max out your system it will have to be with
333MHz DIMMs. I think the new Opterons and possibly the Athlon 64 chips
will drive the extra capacitance, and Intel uses and intermediate driver
so you have to read the fine print. I have an MSI KT4V with 3 slots and
an Athlon but it will only use one 400 MHz chip so I am running 333's.
Works fine for now until I can get an Athlon 64 or a dual/quad Opteron
Bill Baka
E-mail if you want to and I will respond, but am just cruising these

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